Backyard Beautiful Getaway

Home Improvement

A Homeowner’s yard is the first thing most people will see. It will create the expectations for the entire Home. Front yards are pretty simple. Keep it functionally pretty. Most of the homes yard space will be in the back. The backyard is your opportunity to create a friendly, warm, welcoming oasis. A patio right off the backdoor with decorative concrete works well for entertaining and creates the egress towards the rest of the yard.

This is where we can get creative and create a space you and your friends will love. Furniture, plants and shrubs, small friendly items placed strategically around the space are always fun and interesting. You could even have a pond installed for the ultimate look and feel. Basically it is up to you to decide what you want.

The patio will need a table for entertaining and of course a BBQ grill. First decide what material for the patio. Simple concrete is great and will last for years. Pavers look even better and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I do recommend to have patio pavers installed by a Commercial and Residential Services company. They need to be set and level.

Furniture is mandatory. A nice serving table and maybe some picnic tables placed strategically around your backyard space will create a park effect. Benches are a must for the special little spots around the yard, tucked away into a hedge they create cozy conversation spots. Find a spot for your hammock and do not forget the birdbath.

First thing is to get a hedge/fence around your space for privacy and that “finished” look. Nothing more aggravating than to have a beautifully finished backyard space and look over and see your neighbors trash cans, or the 1953 rusted Buick project car, personally I prefer the dilapidated above ground pool..very attractive. A fence will do temporarily, however ultimately you want a natural fence/hedge that creates the park effect. Trees, bushes, flowers, and gardens are the icing on the cake.

Mature boxwood bushes can be molded into beautiful topiary of any shape and size, any type of pine or fur works well for this also. The addition of a vegetable/herb garden makes for fun with the kids, plus it helps in the kitchen.

When the majority of your Backyard is styled the way you like, it’s time to add some fun. Nothing is cooler than to have a little gnome peeking out from under a boxwood bush. The addition of rocks and pieces of logs positioned just right adds so much texture and personal style to your space. Even old toys laying around with some ground cover growing through them adds so much personality.

Guests will wander and look for what little surprises might be lurking in the garden. The bird bath adds creature space, as well as feeders and bird houses. Birds and squirrels are a must for the backyard oasis. Do not forget the wind chimes either, placed near the conversation benches they add serenity.

The ultimate addition to your Backyard refuge would be a water feature, namely a small pond. Placed in the right area, this can be the focal point of the backyard. You can do this yourself, however I would recommend having a commercial and residential services company come in and set it up for you. It is just much easier.

Adding some texture to your outdoor space can be fun and the best part is you designed it. It’s all yours. You will have many years of enjoyment and exercise from your space. It will always need tending with love and care. Enjoy…