Bed Frames in Singapore and their Advantages for Your Home

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For several years, bed frames in Singapore have been the basic foundation for a lot of cushions. However, with even more modern, high-quality mattresses on the marketplace, there are more options available to us. From solid to slatted bed frames, understanding which one is right for you can be complicated.

To answer all of your mattress foundation-related inquiries, here is an assembled thorough overview.


What is a Mattress Foundation?

A bed frame in Singapore is the surface area your bed mattress rests on. This base could be a box spring, a wooden slat system, or a solid base. The cushion structure has to support you as you rest and make sure the mattress does not sink, slide, or droop.

If your mattress in Singapore doesn’t have the right base, it will not support you correctly. Indents can start to form, causing you to sleep in stressful and uncomfortable positions to fill the lack of support. When this takes place, you can get up with stiff, aching muscular tissues and joints.

The terms “bed frame” and “mattress foundation” (or cushion base) are frequently used mutually. However, there is a distinction.

A bed frame is an ornamental portion bordering the mattress, it consists of a headboard, footboard, and side panels (four sides). Typically, the bed frame will be attached to a structure that the bed mattress can rest on. For instance, numerous wood frameworks have a slatted structure that contains timber planks connected to the two side panels of the framework.

Nevertheless, some bed frames only give an edge around the border of the mattress–leaving no base for you to position the cushion on.


Advantages of a Mattress Frame

Along with sustaining you, a stable bed frame in Singapore supplies some unexpected advantages.

Permits the Cushion to Help You

Memory foam, latex foam, and hybrid mattresses contour to the body, so your muscle mass can recuperate as you sleep. These beds provide the best combination of cushioning and assistance so your spinal column continues to be in a safe, neutral position.

Without the best frame, your mattress in Singapore will start to droop in specific areas. As this happens, your body will certainly likewise sink, forcing your back out of alignment. When the spine is not straight, our bodies have to recompense for the lack of assistance by sleeping in unpleasant positions. Nevertheless, a stable support base will enable you to obtain the most out of your innovative bed mattress.

Boosts Life Expectancy of Your Bed mattress

Putting your mattress on the ideal structure will certainly permit it to support you correctly, but it will make certain that it does so throughout years of use.

The average individual invests about 33 years of their life in bed,  when we are not sleeping, we are either attempting to reach sleep or sitting up in bed.

Cushions require a tough support base to fit this consistent usage. The right structure will save you the trouble and expenditure of having to change your bed mattress after just a couple of years of use.

Adds Elevation to Your Bed

Allowing your mattress to rest on the ground is never an excellent idea. When sleeping on the floor, we are extra available to cool air, dirt, dust, and moisture. It is also testing to wake up when your bed is resting on the ground.

A bed frame in Singapore can add anywhere from 16 to 23 inches of height, numerous additionally included the ability to change the elevation to your preference. However, it is ideal not to raise your bed too high, either.

Maintains Your Cushion Clean

The floor is commonly the unclean place in your house, it is where dust, hair, dead skin cells, insects, allergen, pet dog hair and dander, and other allergens accumulate. Dampness and humidity likewise often tend to collect near the floor, which can encourage mould and mildew and mildew to form in the mattress.

To make sure these things remain on the floor and not in your bed, you will certainly need to maintain your bed mattress lifted off the ground.

The innerspring bed mattress tends to have open space in between springtime coils where microorganisms and dirt can accumulate. So these beds ought to continue to be lifted off the floor.

Because latex foam and memory foam mattresses are so thick, they are a lot more resistant to dust mites and microorganisms. Nonetheless, dampness can cause the foam to weaken, so these beds ought to hinge on an increased system.

Boosts Airflow

Remaining great and comfortable is among the best methods to obtain ample sleep. If your cushion hinges on the flooring, air will certainly not distribute correctly throughout the bed, causing you to become overheated during the evening.

The appropriate bed frame in Singapore will certainly help release entrapped warmth and circulate air around the bed. Regardless of what sort of mattress you have, the appropriate structure can provide much-needed breathability so you can sleep comfortably night after evening.

Keeps Your Cushion in Place

If your cushion rests on the ground, it is likely to glide about as you sleep. Furthermore, if it gets on the incorrect structure, it might slide–creating it to sink in the locations where it is not supported.

A good bed frame in Singapore will keep your cushion stable and strongly in position–protecting its lifespan.


Questions About Bed Frame Support

Do I Need a Bed Frame?

If you have the appropriate assistance base for your bed mattress, you don’t necessarily require a bed frame. Headboards and footboards are mostly ornamental–they do not sustain the bed.

If your mattress is resting on the correct structure, that is all you need; however, if you have a slatted foundation attached to your bed framework, you will not have the ability to separate the base from the structure, both should stay together.

Generally, the structure is optional, yet the base the mattress hinges on, is not. You will certainly require to have the ideal base for support and to preserve the life of your mattress.

With a memory foam bed mattress in Singapore, it’s best to use a slatted or strong bed mattress structure. If you select a slatted foundation, the slats should be no additionally than 3 inches apart. Any type of additional apart and you’ll need to get additional slats or a bunkie board to produce a more stable surface for your memory foam cushion.

Modern system beds are an additional excellent bed framework for memory foam mattresses. Platform beds are simply an extra decorative bed mattress structure, as they commonly include attributes like integrated headboards or under-bed storage space cabinets. When you select a system bed, you can miss the extra foundation and save cash. (Simply remember, the 3-inch regulation for slat spacing applies to system beds, so you’ll need a platform bed with closely spaced slats.).

Since memory foam beds are so adaptable, they likewise pair great with flexible bed bases to advertise a high-end evening’s sleep.

Traditionally, innerspring cushions needed a box spring below to aid support body weight. Both layers had coils that jumped off each other to distribute weight and take in stress uniformly.

Today, the majority of box springs do not include coils, they are simply a wood or metal box (open on all four sides) covered with cloth. They do not supply a lot in regards to security or support. However, they can provide a lift.

Do I Need a Box Spring?

If you havea foam or crossbreed mattress, you need to not make use of a box spring. Because box springs do not have a strong surface, they do not supply an excellent foundation for the bed mattress to rest on–some warranties restrict the use of a box spring. For mattresses consisting of foam, we recommend a strong structure or a bunkie board, which we will certainly discuss further down.

If you favour an innerspring mattress in Singapore, these are still normally offered with a box spring. Yet an innerspring mattress is tough enough on its own that it does not call for a box spring. However, box springs do supply extra height.

A slatted foundation consists of solid timber slabs or metal light beams that lay throughout the bed structure, connecting to the sides of the frame. They can be individual slats, or they might be linked in a collection of planks.

A slatted base assists the bed mattress and avoids any sagging or sliding. They are additionally easy to install, economical, and can be replaced if one breaks. However remember slats do not include height to a bed, only support.

Likewise, if slats are not safeguarded to the frame correctly, they can slide around and potentially drop–leaving areas of the cushion in need of support.

Although wood slats are the most typical, they might droop or flex gradually. When this occurs, your cushion can establish indents. New metal slats are durable and won’t bend like some wood slats.

Nonetheless, if you choose timber slats made from solid yearn or oak, bending is very uncommon. Some steel slats are also flexible, so you can form them to fit the precise width of your bed frame.

Pine, oak, and mahogany, are all lasting, top-quality woods for a bed frame. The slats, however, will normally feature a less expensive, sincere wood because they are hidden under the bed.

Also, bed slats far apart will not support the cushion appropriately, this is especially true with memory foam or latex bed mattress in Singapore given that these beds can droop between broad voids.

Typically, it is best to maintain slats no more than 3 inches apart. This range will offer sufficient support and keep air circulating with the bed.

What Cushion is Best For a Slatted Bed?

The majority of bed mattresses in Singapore can rest on a slatted structure, consisting of memory or latex foam, crossbreed, or innerspring beds. If you have an innerspring cushion and choose to utilize a box spring for elevation, just make certain the structure can support the weight of the box spring and the cushion.

Since slatted foundations do not include height, just assistance, if you have a memory or latex foam cushion, or a crossbreed, it is best to couple a slatted bed with a bunkie board. Bunkie boards supply both sustain and elevation without the use of a box spring.

A strong cushion foundation additionally called a platform base, is generally made of a series of timber beams of lights covered in long-lasting material–so there is no room in between slats. The beams then fit inside a helpful, strong wood platform with a centre support beam. Strong foundations are designed to change traditional box springs and offer a helpful base for advanced memory foam, latex foam, and crossbreed cushions. These bases are typically 8.5 to 10 inches and lift your cushion to a safe and comfy elevation.

Several foundations additionally include adjustable legs to suit your favoured elevation. If you take pleasure in a low profile look, you can decrease it as far down as 4 to 6 inches.

Strong bed frames in Singapore are easy to assemble since there is no need for tools to construct. You can pair them with most bed structures (headboard, footboard, and 2 side panels). However, these foundations ought to not be placed on top of a slatted foundation.

To match a strong base with a bed frame, you would just eliminate the slats and change them with your new solid foundation.

Do I Need a Solid Structure?

If you have memory foam, latex foam, or a hybrid bed mattress in Singapore, a system bed structure offers a sturdy support system for these beds. Since slats can not be greater than 3 inches apart for foam beds, it’s sometimes much easier to go with a strong foundation instead of stressing over the distance in between each slat. These foundations guarantee weight is evenly dispersed, and the whole mattress is safeguarded.



Finding the appropriate bed frame in Singapore for your brand-new bed mattress isn’t all that complicated. Start by checking out what your bed mattress needs and afterwards narrow down your alternatives (such as a storage bed frame) by budget and individual preference.

One of the most crucial aspects of picking a bed structure is ensuring it works with your mattress, so as long as you keep compatibility the main emphasis, your search should be very easy. Plus, lots of online stores sell mattress frames built to couple with their beds; by doing this, you recognize what you’re buying is ideal for your new bed mattress in Singapore.

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