Benefits of Choosing a Private Clinic to Get Sports Medicine


Four years after Singapore gained independence and became a cultural hub in Southeast Asia, the government decided to develop sports medicine. It focused on managing national athletes and had played a role in a sports programme promoting regular exercise. Since then, the country has continued to expand in many technologies focusing on this medical sector!

Biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, and strength and conditioning are all under the sports medicine umbrella in Singapore. The study and treatment of injuries related to sports and exercise grew and, soon enough, there are private health institutions that offer sports medicine treatment for different types of athletes.

If you have suffered a sports-related injury, a physician specialising in sports medicine could be the solution for your speedy recovery. Looking for that physician should not cause you any trouble because one search on the internet can lead you to one, but among the results, why should you choose to get treatment from a private clinic?

There are several benefits when it comes to choosing the right private sports injury clinic in Singapore. If you want to know why a private clinic is your best choice, read here:


1.Receive Exclusive Care

In both private and public clinics, you can expect to receive the care that you need to nurse your body back to health. What makes the former stand out is that you will receive exclusive care in the hour of your appointment. 

Whether you have a musculoskeletal injury or a laser treatment, rest assured that your physician will only focus on you. They will stay with you throughout because they do not have ongoing patient care in other rooms, unlike in public hospitals when physicians are all around.

2. Get a Whole Healthcare Package

You do not need to seek other clinics that offer a medical check up in Singapore because private sports clinics include that in their treatment packages. Here, they will screen you for potential problems that may arise from exercises and other physical activities that you perform.

In this way, you get to save more money from saving commuting expenses and other additional fees that the other clinic may ask from you. Also, you get to save the effort of filling up forms again and again because other clinics do not have records of you yet. 

Therefore, when you stumbled on a clinic that offers both medical check-ups and sports medicine, make it your go-to clinic during your career in sports!

3. You Do Not Need to be an Athlete

Indeed, many patients think that sports medicine has little or nothing to do with them unless they are elite athletes. It is no longer the case today!

While it may be true that being a professional athlete, or even an amateur player of sports, private sports medicine clinics in Singapore contribute to pursuing your athletic career and ensure longevity in your chosen activity.

Today, the approach of a sports physician or clinician in treating an injury to non-athlete patients differs from what a general practitioner might do. They may have a specific outcome in mind if you simply want to improve your overall health and well-being. With them, elements of sports medicine can help your body perform at its best!

4. Make Your Schedule

It may be hard to get a schedule in a public clinic that offers sports medicine. With several patients who want to get treatment, you may need to have to get a schedule a month before the day you are free. Scheduling is not a problem with private sports clinics.

With private clinics, you get to have a scheduled visit that favours you. As long as you schedule a week before you want to visit, you will most likely receive a confirmation within a few days. 

5. Various Promotions

Private clinics can provide health screening promotion to new and loyal patients. You might be one of them. They offer bundles and packages that include what you need. Whether it is a basic check-up or a specialised check-up, trust that they can offer it to you.

Watching for your health should not drain your wallet. Thus, aside from going to public hospitals for treatment, you can also catch the promotions that private clinics sometimes hold. It is an opportunity to get quality care at a price that you can afford!

6. Experience New and Innovative Treatment Methods

Private clinics are not behind in new technologies involving sports medicine in Singapore. One of them is the Low Level Laser. It is an effective treatment offered today for musculoskeletal conditions and pain. With this, it helps reduce inflammation and swelling!

If you want to experience a speedy recovery while regaining your strength, you should opt to go to a private sports medicine clinic. From medical screening to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, you can get it from them.

7. Personalised Treatment Plan

Not all bodies heal the same. There are certain conditions that one body can handle, but the other needs further assistance. If you play sports, you will want to have a physician who understands your body and its needs to recover faster and build muscle.

If you want a personalised design of a treatment plan, go to a private clinic. These types of clinics also offer a medical check up in Singapore that can assist physicians in tailoring a plan to achieve their individual goals. 

Sports medicine physicians have enough expertise and experience to conduct a thorough treatment plan for their patients. This, and everything mentioned above, you can get from private clinics in Singapore!


Thomson Wellth Clinic as Your Go-To Sports Medicine Clinic in Singapore

Private clinics may stand alone, but the specialised care that they offer for your entire family, including children and the elderly is at par with other established health sectors in the country.

The doctors at Thomson Wellth Clinic (TWC) focus on your overall health. Being an athlete, you need physicians with a comprehensive focus on all areas of sports and exercise. From rehabilitation to injury prevention, you can get them at TWC!

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