Best Ways to Play Rummy with Office Colleagues


Rummy is an online card game that has become really popular amongst the Indian office going population. This popularity has exploded exponentially over the last two or three years. Rummy can be played by anywhere from two to six people. This makes it a platform in which people from various walks of life can interact with each other. It presents an opportunity for people to form strong bonds while enjoying a good, relaxing yet competitive game. From the above characteristics of the rummy game, we can see that this game can be quite a good area to spend time with office colleagues.

Interactive Bonds with Colleagues

To play Rummy, all that one person needs is a smartphone and an internet connection. Once we download and install we are ready to play the game. Once downloaded and installed we are ready to play Rummy App. It gives a brilliant platform to interact with colleagues and promotes a sense of  togetherness amongst the colleagues. This when is extended onto the workplace, it makes it a more efficient environment. Paying rummy with colleagues can result in the following benefits:

  • Building a camaraderie: Outside office, people in this fast digital age have become really isolated in this fast, digital age. This has led many souls to feel depression and a sense of isolation in this modern age. Rummy provides a simple and elegant solution to this problem. It gives the busy workers a stage to relax and let themselves go after a hard day’s work. The benefit of rummy does not stop there. It also provides the busy workers a chance to socialize with their colleagues from the corner of their own homes. A wonderful game to take your mindoff things after a hectic work schedule. This makes the employees form a better camaraderie amongst them which then is beautifully translated into the workplace. This makes the work place a merrier place as the employees enjoy a good bond amongst themselves.
  • Friendly Competition: It is true that Rummy is a very relaxing card game, but at the end of the day it is a game, a sport. This results in a sort of fun competition amongst its participants. It pushes people to perform better and more efficiently in the game. Even if it is nothing but simple bragging rights. Again these friendly competition can make its way into the work field keeping people on their toes and making them perform at their sharpest. Without the negativity of a serious rivalry, it teaches a healthy friendly rivalry which only improves work efficiency.


 Rummy is a fun game and it is even more fun when playing with friends and colleagues. It builds a sense of familiarity amongst people and brings them closer. When playing with colleagues it moulds them into a better and more efficient team. This can be done with a simple app from the comfort of one’s home, thus making the workplace a better place.