Better food, better sex


The nutrition we take in daily affects not only our health, but also our sex. Food influences our nerve function, hormone and blood flow that will subsequently impact your performance on bed. So, what kind of food should you eat for better sex? Brought to you by the Australian adult shop and sex expert, here’s what you should and should not eat.

Yes: Oysters

We all have heard that eating oysters encourages sex. Is it so?

Technically yes. Oysters are known to be rich in zinc, a crucial nutrient for producing testosterone and sperm. Despite testosterone is linked to sexual desire, eating a lot of oysters is not likely to lead to an exponential increase of hormone level.

But zinc is a great nutrient to constantly take in. If you are not fan of oysters, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, beans and nuts are great source of zinc as well.

Yes: Nuts

I know I have talked about nuts before. But nuts are really good for your “nuts”. Not only does they contain rich Vitamin E that is emphasized by experts in helping sexual function, but its rich and holistic nutrient also helps for general health.

However, the nut-catching fact is that nuts are not encouraged to be consumed in a great amount. Because of its rich and dense nutrients, a few pieces of it is more than enough for daily nutrient requirements.

Even if you want better sex, don’t over consume nuts.

No: Saturated Fats

The negative effect of saturated fats in blood vessel health is well-documented. And the effect of fat clog in blood vessels like the aorta and coronary arteries also applies to the penis.

Reducing the intake of saturated fats is not only helpful in limiting the risk of stroke, but to reduce the possibility of limited penis blood flow.

Inadequate penis blood flow can lead to limited erection and lowered sensitivity. Such events, without saying, is negative to your sexual enjoyment.

No: Alcohol and nicotine

Both of the adult-only items are detrimental to sexual health. For a long-term sexual efficiency, it is not recommended unless for occasional enjoyment.

Nicotine, firstly, encourages the formation of blood clog to have a similar result as saturated fat. And, the chemical from cigarette also constricts arteries to reduce penile blood flow.

Alcohol, on the other hand, is common before sex. However, although it encourages sex, alcohol lowers the performance in sex. Long-term alcohol usage is more devastating with impotence and shrinking testes as a result.

Yes: Bluberries

As an “aphrodisiac” food, blueberries are also a popular superfood. Rich in oxidants, this tiny fruit also encourages circulation.

Not to mention the various food that it can pair with, including vanilla ice cream, all lead to increased blood flow and better sex.