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Over time, our cars can become unpleasant-smelling for a variety of reasons. Whether your pet rides with you frequently, your kids are always spilling things, or you smoke in your car, you will eventually need an effective solution for controlling odors and even spot treatments. Try some of these useful solutions to get rid of stubborn car odors and spot cleaning and treating where the source of odors is present. Having a car odor eliminator that works for your particular situation can make your car much more pleasant, especially when you have friends and family riding with you.

Try Natural Deodorizers

There is a wide variety of natural deodorizers out there that can safely be used in your vehicle. One of the best ways to get rid of smoke odors is setting out a small container of vinegar a night for a few days in a row. This trick is one of the ways used car dealerships get rid of strong smoke odors. It works best if you thoroughly clean and air out the car or truck first. You can then set out a dish of vinegar, making sure not to spill it in the process. Don’t forget to remove it before driving. Another way to get rid of odors is by spraying an essential oil solution. You can dilute orange, lemon, mint, and other scents with water and use it in conjunction with baking soda to refresh your car and leave it smelling clean and odor-free.

Use a Professional Strength Odor Remover

If the odors in your car are particularly pungent from sources such as pets, vomit, food, and other common causes, you should try using a professional strength car odor remover that is safe and non-toxic. A few on the market are highly effective and can be used in areas where you have kids and pets. In most cases, you would want to clean the entire car or truck completely, with attention to any easily removable debris. Consider having your car professionally cleaned if the odor is overwhelming. If it lingers, you can spot-treat with the odor remover you purchased to eliminate the smell.

Odor Neutralizers and Basic Care

If you don’t clean your car regularly and condition the materials inside, your car will begin to smell unpleasant. Basic regular care is important to prevent the breakdown of materials and fabric that can cause a stale odor. You can also use an air odor neutralizer when the car begins to smell stale or when you have an item in your car (such as food) that leaves an odor in the air. The best way to keep your car smelling clean and fresh is to keep it in good condition and clean it completely, regularly.

There are a few different ways to prevent car odors that are safe and easy to use. Consider one or more of these options the next time you have a stubborn smell lingering in your automobile.


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