Blackbutt Timber Flooring Is Gorgeous And Versatile

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Australian Blackbutt timber makes ideal flooring alternative. It transforms your home with earthy, warm hues ranging from pale brown to yellow with rosy elements. It is also durable.

689 Pty Ltd. is a flooring company in Australia with more than 15 years of experience. Their contractors are skilled in working with Blackbutt timber. It is a straight, sturdy tree revealing appealing gum veins, cylindrical trunks, and even texture. The tree is botanically known as Eucalyptus pilularis. The native tree grows as tall as 40 meters.

It has been installed on the floors of the Canberra Parliament House. The Blackbutt tree grows in New South Wales and Queensland’s coastal region. Blackbutt flooring installation adds an exclusive Australian touch and creates a floor covering you will enjoy for years.

Blackbutt is a hardwood type. The hardwood timber is dense and strong but it takes time to mature. On the other hand, blackbutt reaches maturity much sooner than other hardwood types. Hardwood timber is used for a variety of projects ranging from structural element construction to creating natural exteriors, warm interiors, and floorings.

The top side of the blackbutt trees is light, while the bottom is dark. When it undergoes the milling process, the texture and color variations make it an ideal choice. It is versatile, so a popular flooring alternative.

The color differs from brown and pinks to yellow, so the Goldcoast floor sanding and polishing contractors get a chance to get creative with the color scheme. The timber can be polished, stained, or painted. It is an ideal way to add texture and earthly tones to an interior design.

Blackbutt engineered flooring is an ideal option for high traffic zones like hallways, living rooms, and kitchens. It even offers a fresh look to bedrooms and can modernize your home office.

The feel is light and bright, so emphasize it with plants, lamps, furniture, and another home décor. Create a feeling of sanctuary inside the home. Blackbutt presents itself with extremely grandeur in airy spaces, ideal for family gatherings.

Blackbutt flooring is hard-wearing. Simple vacuuming or sweeping is sufficient. Clean spills or remove the stains with pH-neutral cleaner and a well-wrung mop. Never use chemical products or abrasive materials because this can damage the finish. Always be proactive to ensure that your blackbutt flooring stays in top condition.

Blackbutt timber flooring is fire-resistant, termite-resistant can handle tough climatic conditions, is highly resilient, has high density, and is long-lasting with proper maintenance. However, blackbutt flooring is not recommended for bathrooms or laundry rooms, just like other hardwood types.

Solid blackbutt timber flooring installation is done directly over floor joists. It is recommended to hire a skilled flooring technician for the project. Engineered blackbutt flooring is available as floating floors and its installation will depend on subfloor condition.

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