Hello ladies and gentlemen, athletes! This article will discuss such a wonderful exercise as Burpy, which is generally not so young, but is part of such a young sports direction as crossfit. Crossfit is a wonderful sport, in any case, I really like it, but some people think that the loads used in crossfit are incompatible. I don’t think so, and I think that the opposite is true – this direction, on the contrary, perfectly trains the whole body in various directions: strength, agility, endurance. When training in crossfit style, you can make yourself a universal soldier, and, in my opinion, this is really cool. It makes no sense to compare workout and crossfit, as these are just different sports that have different directions. I like Workout because it is flexible – if you want, use crossfit exercises in training, if you want, take gymnastics, if you want, use yoga asanas for your arsenal here PW-Core steroids shop.

Immediately I want to offer several articles about crossfit that may interest you:

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Speaking specifically about crossfit exercises, there are a lot of interesting exercises in it, and in general, a lot of interesting things. Workout practitioners may be interested in the following exercises: burpies, kippings, jumping on a pedestal. We will analyze the burpees, and we will leave these two exercises for the future.

Burpy: For Workout Adherents

Burpies are also called burpies, but this does not change the essence of the matter. With this exercise, you can determine the overall physical indicator, as I already said, in this exercise different qualities are needed.

Burpy Technique

Exercise is performed in three steps – push-ups, pulling up the knees and lifting. These three steps are further broken down yet.

  • We occupy an emphasis lying, we go down.
  • Squeezing, pull your knees as close to your arms.
  • We rise while pushing off the ground.
  • Flying up, we make a clap of hands.
  • Having landed, repeat the cycle.

You cannot make cotton, touch some kind of elevation, which may be a crossbar or other object.

It is better to do the exercise on a more or less soft surface, so as not to wash the skin on the palms, or to train with gloves on.

Burpy – is push-ups, squats pull-ups of the knees, which in turn trains the press.

Push-ups mainly develops three muscle groups – pectoral muscles, triceps and deltoid. Depending on the setting of the hands, the emphasis can be shifted, but in this exercise, we need the classic setting of the hands – a little wider than the shoulders.

In an emphasis lying directly, the press perfectly trains – there is a static load. But pulling your knees to your hands, you additionally affect the muscles of the press.

Well, if we talk about squats, this exercise perfectly trains the legs – quadriceps, thigh biceps and gluteal muscles. I want to offer you a few articles about squats for review:

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I think that you already understood that the burpee is developing the whole body, and it can be embedded in any training program, in particular in the workout program. Do not forget that in training you can use equipment – extra weight, rubber, etc.

What you need to start practicing burpee

This is a simple exercise, and even if you did not play sports, then you will most likely succeed without problems, perform 5-10 repetitions. But if you realized that you can’t make a burpee, or if everything turns out very crookedly for you, then you need to bring each exercise separately.

  • Push ups
  • Squats
  • Press Exercises

We push out in the classical style – for starters we do 5-10 approaches to failure.

You also need to squat in 5-10 sets of 20-30 reps.

For pumping the press, you can choose absolutely any exercise – these can even be ordinary twists.

That’s all, friends!