CCTV Camera: All You Need To Know


CCTV cameras and companies in Singapore are everywhere nowadays. It has become a problem solver for most people and has served a lot of purposes. Not just for buildings or workplaces that need security, it can now also be seen on houses to protect their properties.

Ever since CCTV’s proven effectiveness, not only in saving video clips but also in capturing important events. It can either be for public use or private, and it is always advised to install one. It allows people to keep an eye around your house, car or building even when you’re not present. It is why choosing the right one is a must.

However, there are types of cameras you may need to know aside from the basic ones. You may begin by acquiring a CCTV camera supplier from a trusted CCTV company in Singapore that offers reliable CCTV promotionpackages.

What is a CCTV Camera?

CCTV, also known as video surveillance, is referred to as closed-circuit television (CCTV) by the public. The CTV security systems incorporate both a video monitoring system and a video archiving system. CCTV networks are typically used for detecting, deterring and recording traffic offences, but they have other functions.

A closed-circuit transmission involves sending transmissions to a limited number of monitors rather than to the general public. All footage from the security cameras located on or around the premises is provided.

Aside from its main purpose before catching criminals and preventing crime, these measures are also beneficial to safeguard your business’ properties. It is also used in monitoring day to day activities to capture any unusual activities. It is meant for observing and taking notes on occurring events.

CCTV camera footage may also serve as evidence to prove how an event happened or where it took place.

Just like how important it is to consider the CCTV supplier in Singapore, it is necessary to know what kind of CCTV company you are buying it from.

Types of CCTV Camera



You can use the internet to see photos taken by an IP camera from anywhere globally, regardless of the type of device used. You may control the camera remotely in many circumstances.

You may prefer to go wireless with a wireless WiFi IP camera in using a CCTV camera in Singapore if you’re unable to deal with the complications of running wires. You can immediately connect in just a snap without any more additional complications.

This particular security feature has the additional benefit of ensuring that your connection stays confidential as it is password protected; you can change it anytime. At such a high adoption rate, they have immediately started to see increased usage in the surveillance sector in CCTV companies inSingapore.

With the capacity to pan or zoom because of its 4x resolution, you can use the cameras indoors or outdoors, day or night, and in either case, remotely or by operator order. Even if you’re not using overt or covert security, you will be able to choose an IP camera that meets your needs.


There is a CCTV supplier in Singapore who still offers analogue. This type of system is commonly utilized for surveillance footage by using analogue security cameras. Because analogue CCTV camera setups in Singapore houses are able and sufficient to monitor the entire home when the occupant is at work or away, they’re an excellent approach to keep an eye on the home while people are gone.

In video recordings, the signal is converted to an analogue signal and then sent to a DVR. Video can be shared and accessed remotely using a router and modem linked to the DVR.

However, CCTV like this one may not be advisable for public settings like schools, workplaces or other institutional areas. On a good note, the CCTV analogue is an affordable choice for you. If you are aiming to add a lot of CCTV cameras around your house, with increasing camera counts, analogue cameras often cost less.

Aside from that, it is also available even on CCTV package promotions in Singapore if you prefer this one.

IP Poe CCTV System

Almost as convenient as wireless IP cameras in Singapore, the IP PoE CCTV System provides IP PoE as well. A single Ethernet wire can provide power and networking capability to your IP camera. Their level of water and weather protection and footage they can give make them suitable for most areas it is needed.

Interior WiFi IP cameras are utilized for home security without a need for a professional surveillance system, whereas outdoor PoE IP cameras’ purpose is professional surveillance applications.

Using PoE cameras, you can have improved resolution and greater flexibility. Installing and purchasing from trusted CCTV companies in Singapore might be a great idea.


Aside from the previous types mentioned, there is a new type of CCTV camera you may consider asking from your CCTV supplier in Singapore. It is the home and business security system called door access video intercom.

Keys are no longer required when you have a keyless entry system because there is no time or energy wasted searching for keys, whether you are carrying more items or if you are in a hurry. With keyless locks, getting inside your house is easy, and you never have to worry about forgetting them.

You don’t need to worry about any accidental leaks when using this approach because the fingerprint and code are assigned to only a particular person—no more days of suddenly getting stressed over remembering where you placed your keys. One tap is all it takes.

Home and office security can be enhanced using video intercom systems. You may consider purchasing this one, but you have to ensure its quality since CCTV cameras are often seen as investments. It is advisable to contact reliable CCTV companies in Singapore to be sure.

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