Clearabee skip hire or Clearabee Beebags the choice is clear

Home Improvement

Let us talk rubbish. For several years finding ways of disposing of rubbish has been problematic. Everyone creates diverse types of rubbish or waste both in domestic and business environments. Waste volumes have increased rapidly over the past few years and at the same time disposal of it is increasingly complex and under the Ecco spotlight. Consequently, with regulations and environmental considerations affecting waste disposal it is difficult for a person or a company to dispose of material legally and ethically.

Skip Hire

We have all seen building sites or houses that are undergoing development with a skip outside. For heavy construction rubble or soil this often the best solution. Skip hire has been a solution for much of our general waste for several years but as identifying and disposing of waste now requires different solutions skip hire companies such as Clearabee have adapted and modernized their operation.

Clearabee Beebags

Skip hire is not always the right waste solution since often the items make a skip unnecessary. New kitchens arrive wrapped in loads of cardboard, plastic, and polystyrene. Clearing out lofts and sheds can also result in quantities of soft rubbish. For this type of refuse the cost of hiring a traditional skip is expensive, and a little over the top. The Clearabee Beebags are the perfect solution for several types of light bulky clean waste. Despite being called a bag they are just akin to a skip but for light bulky material. What then are the advantages of using Beebags?

  • Being available in a range of sizes between the size of two and twelve washing machines it is possible to have the correct sized bag for the task.
  • Since the cost of the bag depends upon the size, this ensures that this is an extremely cost-effective solution. No need to pay for space that is not necessary.
  • The online booking facility ensures that it easy to order the size required for delivery to site on the next day.
  • The bags are flat packed on delivery making it easy to store safely away or taken to a different place ready for use when needed.
  • As these bags are easy to move, they do not need to be left by the curb for collection. We all know that skips attract another person’s waste when left at the curb.
  • Once ordered a bag remains valid for up to six months so no, need to rush to complete the task.

Clearabee the Company

Clearabee has changed on demand waste collection beyond recognition and offer a creative service that is arguably the best service in the UK. The company can offer a range of cost-effective solutions for personal or corporate use. The striking difference between Clearabee and other traditional skip hire companies is that they have created a user-friendly caring service that is pleasurable to use. Since the website provides great user functionality it is easy for anyone to formulate the necessary arrangements to deal with their waste easily and at their own convenience. They even have a loyalty programme that rewards regular customers. Traditional waste collection companies transported highest levels of waste to landfill sites. Clearabee, however, with its creative solutions uses different disposal techniques that ensure that ninety percent of the waste does not reach landfill sites.