Common Myths About Macarons Debunked


If you’re craving for some French delicacies, then you can make a stop in any local patisserie in Singapore and have a delectable treat even if you’re at the opposite side of the world. You can find pastries like cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and cheesecakes. Other than these sweet options, you can also find artisanal and flavoured desserts that will compliment your coffee or tea drink.

Furthermore, if you want to have a complete French snacking session, then don’t forget to order the ever-popular macarons from your local Singapore bakery. These renowned go-to snacks made from eggs, sugar, and almonds. Some bakers use food colourings to make this delectable treat appealing to the eyes of their customers.

Then it is baked into perfection with a slight crisp outside and a fine texture inside. You’ll also get hooked with the flavourful filling that sets it apart from other French treats you might have tasted. Choose from luscious chocolate or cream ganache, and fruit jams. You can also try special flavoured fillings like coffee, wasabi, and even tea selections that you can devour in just one bite!

Aside from its unique taste, macaronsin Singapore are also known for several myths surrounding them. Hence, this may be the perfect time to debunk them and enjoy this simple treat. Here are some misconceptions you need to disprove about this sweet, French delicacy:

It is unavailable when it’s rainy.

Have you tried eating some during the rainy season? If you did, then you have instantly belied this claim. But if you haven’t, you shouldn’t believe it as well since this delicious dessert is available all-year-round.

It may come from the idea that the quality of any baked treat is affected by the environment’s humidity. Thus, expect a more humid and moist air when it rains. However, some bakers explained that it is true that the moisture can affect the resting period of the treats to set, but it won’t directly influence the quality of your macaron orders. You can still expect a soft, creamy, and moist (in a positive way) dessert even if it’s rainy.

It is from aged egg whites.

If you’re a home baker, then you might have attempted to create your version of this known French treat. You may have done your research on how to make homemade macarons while in Singapore or read cookbooks telling you to let your egg whites sit for a while. Some instructions might advise you to let them rest for at least six hours, while others can recommend up to six days!

It may sound absurd because that’s almost a week of waiting before you can even start baking. You may choose to follow this procedure or opt for a shorter preparation process. You can use whites from freshly cracked eggs and still get the same results. No need to worry if your local bakery is using six-day, six-week, or one-day-old egg whites as it won’t affect its quality and taste.

It will not be delicious with new eggs.

Other than the egg whites, you might have also heard about the misconception that it is tasteful because of “old eggs.” Old eggs mean that they are not freshly harvested from poultry farms and have been set for at least one week before they can be used to make it. But different local bakeries use both types and still get the same taste of their products. So, no need to worry about your next macaron delivery in Singapore if it’s from fresh or old eggs.

It is an expensive treat.

You may initially get intimidated with the fact that they sell it in patisseries in Singapore and it may be costly. But you can buy and enjoy this French dessert at an affordable price. Some bakeries also offer them in sets perfect for gifting or binge eating. You can also customize your box set with assortments of different colours and fillings.

As mentioned, you can even make your original recipe and readily serve this delectable treat at home! You can either use the usual ingredients or expensive ones to make it more flavourful. You no longer need to buy when you have some that you can readily serve your family and guests.

It should go immediately.

Although you can swallow it in one bite, it doesn’t mean that you must consume it as soon as you buy them. You can store your treats for your future snacking, and keep some for your next day dessert supply. You can still even eat them after several days if you stash them properly. Here are some tips on how you can keep your macarons fresh days after its delivery:

  • Use airtight containers to keep them soft and chewy. Ensure that they are impenetrable as any amount of moist or air can make your desserts soggy. You must also keep your storage clean and dry if you’re planning to store them at room temperature. You can use parchment papers inside your containers to preserve your treats.
  • If you don’t have available airtight containers, you can make use of the boxes your patisserie used to store macarons in Singapore. They use sturdy and durable materials that can sustain the freshness of your desserts. They are also available in different sizes that can fit more desserts. Store these boxes away from direct sunlight or hot areas to keep your treats in mint condition.
  • You can also place your containers and boxes inside your fridge to keep your desserts in their best state for up to three days. Place them on the middle shelf where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate. Avoid placing them on the door, lower, or top shelves as these areas have unstable temperature levels. Remember that you consume them before the three-day limit and still have a spongy treat.
  • However, if you’re planning to consume it after three days, then you can freeze your desserts. Frozen macarons in Singapore can last up to 3 months without losing their flavours and soft texture. Store them in airtight and secured containers to avoid freezer burns. You can place layers of parchment papers in your containers to keep them firm and snug.

When you need to consume your refrigerated – frozen or cold – treats, let them sit for about 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature before eating them. But if you want freshly-baked orders of macarons, then you can contact Bellton Patisserie and have them delivered straight to your doorsteps! They also have other delectable treats and desserts like wedding anniversary cakes available in their Singapore shop. Check their website now to learn more about their products.