Consumer Intelligence: Get More Attuned with the Voice of Your Consumers


In just over a decade, the business world has gone from “spray and pray” to “seize the day.” As a result, competition is tougher than ever, and an elevated customer experience (CX) is the only way to make that first impression, second impression, and every subsequent impression.

The concept is simple – being customer-centric begins with the customer – but it is not always easy. Real-time critical insights into online consumer behaviors which reveal their purchase intent can only be gained through Consumer Intelligence (CI) tools and platforms.

But, how does CI work, and why do you need it now more than ever? This guide will tell you all.

Top Use Cases for Consumer Intelligence

The June 2022 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey conducted by PwC found that even in a post-COVID lean market, consumer expectations are higher than ever. This means now is the crucial time for brands to restart their consumer intelligence clock.

Wondering how to do so? Well, here are the top ways you can use consumer behavioral data and insights –


Discounts and offers can be given based on consumer data. You can customize the message to address pain points at the earliest. For instance – food delivery apps use customers’ location data to connect them to the nearest restaurant for convenience.

Better Personalization

You can make sense of their tastes and preferences by tracking your consumers’ online buying patterns and browsing history. Accordingly, product recommendations can be made. For instance – if a customer is searching for winter jackets online, you can recommend scarves or boots that complement it.

Behavioral Segmentation

This method involves the development of customer segments based on similar behavioral patterns. Such segments can be created based on customers who gave similar feedback, previously purchased identical products, reacted to similar messages, etc.

Why Your Brand Needs CI Now More than Ever

Gaining intimate insights from your customers has always had its benefits, but in an age of hyper-personalized marketing, you need CI as your guiding light. Listed below are the many benefits of using CI to build brand trust –

  • Your company’s decisions will be data-driven. As a result, your solutions will become more customer-centric.
  • Your sales and marketing teams will know the purchase intent of every prospect, where each is located in the sales funnel, etc. As a result, they can carve out personalized marketing messages for intimate interactions.
  • Naturally, as interactions become more personalized, customer satisfaction will increase. This will lead to a better Net Promoter Score and other attributes.
  • Your organization’s customer retention challenges will easily resolve.
  • CI gives you a clear picture of the changing market and industry trends, consumer preferences, etc. This will help you stay ahead in the game by keeping abreast with the evolving market.
  • You will be better attuned to your own marketing efforts. With a solid grip on your marketing activities, you can bring better communication and improve performance.

CI is the Friend You Need!

The two main challenges most businesses face in understanding their customers better are what they want and how they can meet their needs at the right time with the right offering.

Consumer intelligence answers both in the most scalable and affordable way possible! All you need to do is get in touch with a reliable CI partner, and they will help you take your marketing game to the next level.