Delicious Winter Dishes That Get Even Better With Liquid Cheese Sauce


Cooking with cheese in summer is quite easy. It stays melted and gooey, and also the cheese has the best flavours in summers,but in winter, using cheese can be tricky.

As a cheese lover, not eating cheese dishes for months is a nightmare for me. After trying almost all kinds of cheeses, be it American slices, Mexican shredded cheese, or grated, I have found out the perfect cheese product to use in winter. Nacho Cheese Sauce, often called liquid cheese sauce in Australia, is ideal for winters.

After I knew the secret of ooey-gooey cheese recipes for winters, I have been eating cheesy dishes the whole winter. Let me share with you the best dishes I have cooked with liquid cheese sauce.

Saucy Skillet Lasagne

Everyone loves cheesy lasagne, don’t you? It is an excellent dish if you have a party at home and you need to feed a crowd. It freezes and reheats perfectly. Leftovers also taste good.

In summers, I use shredded cheese to make lasagne, but in winter, I prefer using liquid cheese sauce. This minor tweakwill take your lasagne from yeah its okay, to

Oh My God! This is so good. Liquid cheese will keep the lasagne soft and saucy even after a few hours of cooking.

Lasagne is an easy recipe; all you have to do is layer the sauce with noodles and cheese sauce and bake until bubbly. The best lasagne is here.

Chicken and Cheese Soup


Chicken and Cheese soup is the best dish to have in the dead of winter. The ultimate comfort food in the winter is equal to homemade cheesy chicken soup. A warm, comforting hug in every spoon of creamy, incredibly cheesy, and rich chicken soup is a dream come true.

Making this recipe is super easy and quick. You won’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Usually, chicken soup is made with cream cheese, but I use liquid cheese sauce along with cream cheese. It gives my soup an American twist and also it is heatand freezethaw stable.

You can serve this with toasted bread or tortilla chips. The cheesy chicken soup with cheese sauce is a fiesta of flavours full of chicken, cheese, corn, carrot, and potatoes.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is a classic dish that no one can resist it, andboth children and adults love it. I use the Anita Cheese Sauce in my Mac and Cheese. The luscious, glistening, and velvety cheese sauce perfectly drowns the entire dish in the most delectable way.

There is no right or wrong way to cook Mac and Cheese, and I am here sharing the way that my three kids love (By the way, I am the mother of twin boys).Writing about the creamy deliciousness made me drool all over again.

Make sure you try these recipes in the lazy winter days, and I assure you and your family will love it. The outrageously cheesy dishes are most definitely keepers. All of the dishes mentioned above are rich and satisfying.