Different Types of Targeted Ads for Your Small Business


Companies no longer need to spend time sending flyers in the mail and hoping someone responds. Social media now allows ads to reach a targeted audience. If you have a small business, this is an excellent investment because all of your efforts go to a specific group of people that are most likely to be your customers. Here are different types of ads you can create on social media to advertise your small businesses.


If your business sells a tangible product, photos are the first thing to consider. Photo ads are a dynamic way to promote your product line. Many social media platforms provide software that allows you to create your ad with your photographs, logo and business contact information. When users are scrolling through their social media pages, a photo is a catchy way to get their attention and it also makes your product memorable. 


When you have multiple products or services, you don’t need to create separate ads for each one. A slideshow is an easy way to display everything at once. These work similarly to traditional presentation software, where each shot is displayed for a few seconds. Make sure you have professional pictures of your products, and you can include music or voice-over information. 


Even more compelling than photos are videos. A short clip that demonstrates your product or explains your service is the most effective type of video. Users are much more likely to stop scrolling to watch a video if it has an exciting design and catchy music. 

Using targeted ads on social media is a very effective way to advertise your business.  These ads appeal to users, are cost-effective, and reach the largest number of potential clients at once. You can create pictures, slideshows or videos demonstrating your product. With so many advertising options available to small businesses, consider using social media for your next marking campaign.