Direct Cremation Vs Traditional Funerals



Bereaved families are often searching for methods to spend less on the services for a loved one who has passed, many times the cremation expense is far less than the expense of a standard funeral and burial. After all, the cost of funeral and burial services have drastically increased over the years.

The included financial problem to the households can typically be excessive, let alone attempting to consider ways to spend for everything while going through their grieving. With funeral service costs frequently escalating to $10,000 at a minimum, a cremation is typically seen as the only method to relieve the economic tension on the family to take care of the loved one’s last affairs.

How is a cremation any different?

The cost of a cremation is far less than conventional funeral expenses for a couple of factors. Initially, unless the family is planning to have a funeral service before the cremation, there is less expensive because the body does not need to be prepped for the latter.

Most often those who pick cremation over a traditional funeral service will opt for a Direct Cremation in Sydney and have a funeral following the cremation process. This is the least pricey option.

Among the most costly purchases for a conventional funeral and burial is the casket. Considering that the body will be transferred to the crematory in a wooden coffin that is designed to be put into the cremator, then there is no need to spend an exorbitant amount on a casket.

Another apparent saving is the purchase of a plot of land. This puts funeral costs in NSW at roughly $15,000 or more depending on your area and chosen cemetery. This does not include the cost of upkeep following the burial.

Traditional funerals likewise consist of expenditures such as transporting the body from the funeral home to the place of the funeral service. This means transporting the body to a church and then to a gravesite for interment. These expenditures are eliminated since there is no body to transport. This consequently decreases the cremation cost to something far more inexpensive for the household.

How much can you expect to pay for a direct cremation?

Direct cremation costs up to $4000 or more depending on your area and your choice of a funeral director. This is a fraction of what people would have to spend for a regular funeral and burial service.

Perhaps the best thing about the savings of picking cremation over a traditional funeral service is that they are better able to create a living memorial for their loved one. Such measures can help alleviate the grief that families of the departed often have to deal with long after their loved ones have been put to rest.

For example, the money saved can be spent towards getting a decorative urn which families can hold close and find a measure of comfort. These are expenses that most families wouldn’t probably be able to account for if they opt for a traditional funeral setting.