DIY vs Waterproofing Specialist: Which One Is Better?

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Whether you have recently purchased a house or your own or rented one, all homeowners want to protect their homes from damage caused by moisture. The problem, however, is that Singapore has tropical weather with an abundance of rainfall that can happen for at least 167 days throughout the year. And the only way to prevent moisture from trying to seep through the walls and roof of a home is to apply a good and even amount of waterproofing products to roof tiles and walls.

Even though your living environment is made of the highest grade of concrete, including the roof, waterproofing adds a protective layer that reduces the humidity level inside and protects everything you have inside from moisture or too much water exposure.

Before that could happen, you need to decide how to protect your home against the elements and harsh weather conditions. That is when the two options you have will come in: do-it-yourself (DIY) waterproofing or hire a waterproofing specialist in Singapore.

To help you know which one is better, read through this article. Doing so will help you make an informed decision by determining how you should protect your home from damage caused by moisture.

DIY Waterproofing

DIY waterproofing means you will be doing the entire waterproofing process yourself. Besides choosing the right concrete roof and wall waterproofing products, you will be one going to mix them well and apply each layer on the surface. Once done, you will have to wait until they are completely dried up before applying the paint.

Pros And Cons Of DIY Waterproofing


The Pros Of DIY Waterproofing

1. Experience Waterproofing First Hand

The fundamentals of waterproofing roof tiles and walls may be complicated at first. However, once you become more accustomed to it, you will discover that the entire waterproofing process is quite simple. The more you gain experience waterproofing your home, the more you understand how you should do the application better next time.

2. Can Be Done On Your Time

Another good reason why you should waterproof your home yourself is that you can do it on your time. That means you do not have to hurry to go home because the waterproofing specialist in Singapore is waiting for you at your doorstep.

3. Great Form Of Workout

Since waterproofing your home is not like any house chores, it is an excellent form of workout. With your lack of knowledge and expertise, every step can help you lose weight because you need to discover everything first-hand and put them into practice.

The Cons Of DIY Waterproofing

1. Can Be Time Consuming

Naturally, with a lack of knowledge and expertise in waterproofing, you can expect the entire waterproofing process will take longer than three to five days.

2. Steep Learning Curve

There is a reason why most homeowners prefer to hire a waterproofing specialist since they have more advanced techniques on how to apply waterproofing products. Learning how to spread waterproofing products yourself is an immensely challenging task. The basics of the waterproofing process may be easy to understand, but mastering its more advanced techniques is hard.

Hiring A Waterproofing Specialist

Hiring experts in waterproofing services in Singapore is much more reliable since they have a team of professionals by your side who have done waterproofing processes several times before. With their years of experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands.

Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Waterproofing Specialist


The Pros Of Hiring A Waterproofing Specialist

1. Industry Experience

When you choose the right experts of waterproofing services in Singapore, you can rest assured that your waterproofing specialist has the essential industry knowledge to waterproof your structure.

It can involve knowing the best waterproofing supplies to use on specific surfaces, how to apply various waterproofing membranes properly, and knowledge of experts in particular waterproofing procedures.

  1. Quality Workmanship

Since a waterproofing specialist has done this several times in the past, you can guarantee the quality of their workmanship. As long as they have applied an even amount of waterproofing products, you can rest assured that it will last for a long time.

The Cons Of Hiring A Waterproofing Specialist

1. Can Be Costly

The overall cost of waterproofing services depends on the type of experts you hire. Make sure to conduct your research before engaging with one. One of which is to compare your options to know which one you should hire to waterproof your home.

2. Focus On Other Things

Once you hire experts in waterproofing services, you can focus on other things like taking your children to school and decluttering the necessary stuff you have at home.

The Final Verdict

In the end, it might be best to get waterproofing services in Singapore. However, the better choice will always and still depend on your goals, needs, and how much money you are willing to spend. If you opt for DIY waterproofing, consider your skills in waterproofing your roof tiles and the types of waterproofing products you will use.

Before you decide, perhaps you should consult a waterproofing specialist in Singapore to gain more insight into the waterproofing process? Try getting in touch with a waterproofing contractor company so you will discover the benefits of working with a waterproofing specialist.

DIY waterproofing is also okay, but you have to guarantee that you are up for the challenges. To do this, you need to prepare yourself by watching online tutorials and reading books about waterproofing. On the bright side, you will learn a lot about waterproofing roof tiles and walls, and in the long run, you might even consider becoming a waterproofing specialist one day!

Nevertheless, the choice is yours to make. Contact General Waterproofing & Service at +65 6754 4648 or leave a message on their website and start weighing your options to make an informed decision whether or not you should get a metal roof waterproofing service in Singapore or do it yourself.