Do Vape tricks excite you? Here is how to start!


Vape tricks are the one thing that can set you apart from the rest of the smoke at the party. If you are someone who liked to carry around a vape and make brag about the awesomeness of a vape then you are like more vape users. The majority of new vape users were indeed driven to vaping because of the “how to do cool vape tricks” videos on the internet. These tricks look very cool when done correctly and pull all the eyeballs to you at a party. A simple trick like blowing Os or a complicated trick that needs a powerful vape — be it what, they are all a cool way to add some life to a gathering.

If you are new to this, vape tricks are cool moves made with the smoke of your vapes. The denser the smoke, the cooler the tricks will be. As compared to tobacco smokers, the cool-sweet smelling smoke of the vape is more accepted than the poisonous Os of a tobacco cigarette. These vapes, when used in limited quantity, are not as bad for your system. Although they contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance — they have very few adverse effects in the body when compared to cigarettes.  There are many simple vape tricks for beginners that you can learn using the videos on the internet or a simple blog. 

How to begin your Vaping career?

You need a good Vape 

To start things off, you will need a good vape. Don’t just directly dive into the part about how to do cool vape tricks, you will need to start at the basics and get yourself the right vape. You can find a cheap and simple vape, like a pen vape or a pod vape. 

But these are only good if you are looking to quit smoking. They are not the best options to help you make cook tickets. You will need a vape that has a few more customizations. You will need a higher wattage vape that will help you produce a more dense smoke cloud. It’s important to invest in a tank-vape that gives more airflow. This will helps you control the smoke, no matter what tricks you want to do. When it comes to tick-based-vapes, there is no need to invest in a starting level vape and then upgrade, just but a good one and practice and master.     


Know your Body

The last thing you need to keep in mind your lung capacity. When you start to play around with a few vape tricks for beginners, you will understand how much this is dependent on your capacity to inhale and less on your capacity to learn tricks. You will be able to build this skill over time so don’t beat yourself up. Also, be sure to increase your hydration and keep your body active if you are gonna put time into vaping. As cool as it may be, you do not want it to come in the way of your lifestyle.