Does age influence when choosing the mattress?

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Definitely. The characteristics of a person change with the years, and your mattress must adapt to every moment of your life. In general, young people need firmer mattresses and, as the years go by, experts recommend that the mattress hardness be reduced to help your joints and bones. Therefore, for older people the best option is to buy the best Mattress in India, usually a viscoelastic mattress.

When should you renew the mattress?

Do you get up more tired lately or have back aches accentuated in the morning? It may be time to retire your mattress. A recent study has shown that changing mattresses can improve up to 63% of back pain. In general, the life of the mattress is around 10 years. So if your mattress exceeds this age, you should consider renewing it. You can buy the memory foam mattress in India online.  Although the deterioration is not evident, the mattress materials age over the years, losing their properties.

Choose the right base for your mattress

To get the most out of your bed, it is also important that you choose the ideal base according to the type of mattress you have chosen.

Slatted bed base – It is the most versatile type, since it is suitable for any type of mattress and usually have quite affordable prices. In addition, it achieves good ventilation.

Upholstered table – It is the best option for spring mattresses. The best of these bases is that they are built as a chest, so you will have an excellent space.

Spring box spring – Like the sheets, they offer optimal ventilation and are suitable for any type of mattress.

Articulated base – They are ideal for people with low mobility, elderly people and those who must spend long periods bedridden. Since it allows you to comfortably adopt several postures in bed.

Hygiene is another important point

Even if you do a good maintenance, and air it on a regular basis, surely you have spent several hours’ sick in bed and have sweated many times. All this causes moisture and dirt to accumulate in the mattress and germs and mites proliferate, increasing the possibility of allergies. And, let’s not fool ourselves, you are not the same as 10 years ago. People’s characteristics change with age, so a mattress that could be adequate at the time does not have to be the best option. Choose the best online mattress in India, and buy the mattress according to your budget, and need.