Don’t worry about the lag! Play games smoothly on Cricmania & GetMega


Both Cric mania and GetMega are game platforms that come with a platform that you can use to play various games smoothly without lagging. These two platforms were designed in a way that they can support every category of player to play the games without any issue. GetMega has also come up with innovative ideas to allow its users to play easily and earn better. 

You do not have to worry about lagging or how the app will run on your device, especially on GetMega. With these platforms, you are guaranteed to have an excellent experience by playing the games without worrying about lagging. In this article, you will learn why you don’t have to worry about the lag! While playing games on Cric mania and GetMega. 

Here is the functionality on the two platforms that help you to play games smoothly without lagging.

No heavy graphics

The Cric mania and GetMega were designed without heavy graphics. This feature ensures that the application can run even to the low-configuration device. This feature allows every user to play the games on their devices despite the system capabilities of their devices. With this feature, you will play the games without any lagging on these platforms.

High-performance server

It is another thing that helps you play the games smoothly without any lagging on your device. Their application resides in a very powerful and high-speed server. It has enabled the user to play the games smoothly. You cannot even experience any delay during peak times or when there is a lot of traffic on the platform. 

The servers can serve millions of users concurrently without any delay. Therefore with these two platforms, you do not have to worry about the application’s performance on your devices and GetMega has outperformed many other platforms with its server performance level.

Drop resolution

Drop resolution is another functionality that you can find on the Cric mania and GetMega platform. Remember that different devices have different screen resolutions or aspect ratios. A given resolution has different performance on different devices. For example, when the same resolution content is applied to a device, the performance might differ. 

This issue has been taken care of at the platform’s back-end because the game UI resolution can rescale or readjust to fit in a given device based on its capability. Therefore even if you have a device that cannot support high-resolution media, you will be able to play the games on these platforms smoothly without any lagging.

Modern game engine

The games in both Cric mania and GetMega were built using a modern game engine that help in optimizing the games to fit and run well on different devices. Though players can have different devices with different system performance capabilities, they can all enjoy having the same experience or playing the game smoothly without any problems or issues. 

The good thing with the modern game engine is that it considers all kinds of devices currently available, from the oldest to the new ones.

With this functionality that powers the game, you can enjoy playing the games on GetMega even if you have an old hardware device without any problem.

Smooth sailing

Smooth sailing is another feature that has made the gaming boom on Cric mania and GetMega. It is another functionality that is added to the games to help in reducing lagging in these platforms. With this functionality, a stable frame rate across all the devices is maintained, and by doing so, you will never have lagging while playing on these platforms. 

The bottom line

The above are some ways that enable you not to worry about lag while playing on Cric mania and GetMega. The above features of Cricmania and GetMega platform will allow you to have a fantastic experience without worrying about the performance of your device.