Dos And Don’ts Commercial Freezer In Singapore


Have you been to a convenience store or supermarket? If so, perhaps you have already seen a commercial freezer in Singapore. These are the freezers where you get cold bottled drinks or dairy products. In the supermarket, commercial freezers contain frozen sausages and other frozen meat products. In restaurants, kitchen staff temporarily store their ingredients in a commercial freezer.

If you are planning to buy a commercial freezer in Singapore, here are the things you should and should not do:

1. DO keep your freezer clean.

Freezers and refrigerators store food. And it is inevitable for the meat to leak blood or for food to spill its sauce. These spills are the culprit for bacterial and mould growth in the freezer. It can be dangerous since there is leeway to cross-contamination of food, leading to food poisoning.

Moreover, the freezer’s door handle, especially in the groceries, is touched by hundreds of people each day. They harbour tons of bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted to others.

For health reasons, always keep the inside and outside of your freezer and other kitchen equipment in Singapore clean.

2. DON’T skip regular maintenance.

It is advisable to call an expert for your freezer maintenance and servicing every four months. They will clean the interior and exterior of the freezer, clean the coils and condenser, and inspect the thermostat, ensuring it meets the desired temperature with efficiency.

This tip does not apply to the freezer alone, but also other kitchen appliances, such as an Unox oven in Singapore.

3. DO inspect the temperature regularly.

For a refrigerator, the average temperature should be 1° to 3° Celcius. Never set the thermostat higher. Meanwhile, the freezer must be -17° Celcius.

If you keep setting these temperatures, yet notice the temperature spike hours or days later, there is a problem with your freezer. Call a technician or your kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore.

4. DON’T overload your freezer.

One of the reasons why your freezer fails to meet its average temperature is because of content overload. Too many things in the fridge block the cold air circulation. Some areas in the fridge are cold enough, while others are not.

5. DO keep the fridge door closed.

The cardinal rule in using a commercial freezer in Singapore is never to leave the doors open. When you leave the door open, the cold air escapes instead of circulating inside the fridge and freezing its content.

And since the air escapes, the fridge cannot meet its desired temperature. Therefore, it forces itself to work harder to meet the temperature, increasing electric consumption.

Keep these dos and don’ts after buying your commercial freezer in Singapore.

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