Doula and Their Role



Are you wondering about what is a birth doula? Calming, caring, and understanding, the doula is a mother to the mom-to-be. Maternity is a time of physical as well as psychological adjustments. During the months of pregnancy, the mom bonds to the infant in a manner they never believed possible. As birth techniques, that bond often tends to discolor behind some of the anxiety of delivering. This is never a lot more real than during the hours of labor. The baby goes to the phase of all the activity and center of attention, and the mom is delegated do every of the job.


A doula is a non-medical aide typically a lady who offers various types of non-medical support, such as, physical, emotional as well as informed choice, in the giving birth procedure. Based upon a specific doulas training and background, the doula may use assistance throughout prenatal are, while giving birth and/or throughout the postpartum duration. A doula exists to help the mom with the birth process with her psychological and physical demands. Reassuring, caring, and understanding, the doula, basically is a mother of the mom-to-be.

Why Choose a Doula for Birth?

The emotional requirements of the mother are often lost in the technical nature of birth. The doula has training in the birthing process and the post-partum demands of the moms. From the moment mom starts labor, the doula will be there to speak with the mom, aid her via the breathing exercises, and hold her hand when she needs that added comfort. While a member of the family is sure to drop in and lend a hand, the child is the attention of the family members.

Doulas have even more of a favorable effect on the birth procedure than the emotional support they supply to mom. In research studies the existence of a doula has,

  • Shortened time invested in labor
  • Minimizes the requirement for labor generating medications
  • Reduces the requests for pain-relieving medication throughout and after the birthing process

Moms who utilize a doula have a tendency to feel more secure regarding the birth process, have a tendency to be more effective in their attempts at breastfeeding and struggle with post-partum anxiety less often.