Dubai’s Best Airport Meet & Greet Services 2022?


The majority of people do not realize that they are able to take advantage of the Dubai Airport Meet and Greet Service to avoid the long lines and queues at the immigration. The service is available to those who fly transit, arrive, and Departure. 

Some of the exciting meet and greet services made your journey more memorable as you arrive at the Dubai International Airport. You will be greeted with an incredibly warm greeting from any of the best meet and greet services like Marhaba. Feel the genuine remit for Arabic Hospitality. 

The famous welcome at Marhaba will motivate you greatly. Begin by meeting the warm and welcoming staff of the services. They will be able to provide instructions for getting to the airport. 

Their staff will offer you specific formalities. Enjoy the safe and easy travel and the point of meeting outside of arrivals.

A variety of package options are offered by these top meet and greet services. Set a date for your arrival and book the services. 

Why we should go for an Airport Meet and Greet Service?

Travelers from all over the world trust and prefer to use the airport meet and greet service for the following primary motives:

  • Luxury travel is for those who are enthralled by a lavish lifestyle, which includes their experience at the airport. 
  • The airport journey is speedier, allowing you to reach the airport in minutes rather than spending hours. 
  • Spending time at airports, either working or relaxing in lounges at airports.
  • Relax and enjoy your flights
  • Avoiding the crowds on a highly busy airport. 

Who is most likely to benefit from Airport Meet and Greet Service?

  • Business Travelers
  • Luxury Travelers
  • Children traveling on their own
  • Frist-time travelers
  • People who are disabled.

List of Dubai’s Best Airport Meet & Greet Services

We are providing you with the list of the three best airport meet and greet services in Dubai. 

  • Marhaba Services

Don’t miss out on the chance to feel the famous Arabic welcoming gesture. This welcoming will provide the finest meet and greet service for visitors to Dubai. Security screening, as well as immigration and other formalities that are important, will be assisted professionally and the Marhaba employees are so helpful. 

From the moment you arrive at the terminal, you’ll have a smooth and easy journey through the formalities that are expected at the airport, until you are greeted and entertained with your friends or family at the airport’s arrivals. 

Marhaba provides you with safe services that none other airports can offer you. Check out the Marhaba services website for more information on additional meet and greet services available in Dubai.

  • Silver Meet and Greet Services

You can book this silver meet and greet during your arrival or departure time. An agent will be waiting for you who will assist you with all formalities up to the final clearance. 

The agent also assists in obtaining immigration approval through the services that are specifically designed. Additionally, you will get the speedy counter for track and the free porter. 

Additionally, silver meets and greets will assist you in locating help with your luggage rapid arrangements can be made in the event that you required wheelchairs or trolleys. The option of transport by car or buggy is also offered when it is feasible. 

When you arrive at or into the terminal you will receive the silver meet and greet service and the agent will take you to the terminal to complete all the necessary formalities. 

The speedy track is offered at the security and immigration checkpoints as well as assistance in reclaiming your baggage and security at the time of the day of your arrival. 

  • Royal Concierge Services

This is an obsolete change from the normal. Special airport services and VIP services provided by the Royal Airport concierge ensure you professional treatment upon your arrival at the airport, which is where your trip begins. 

They mainly take your stress and anxiety, no matter if you leave your home and travel to Dubai or go into the bustle of Dubai. You’ll experience a fantastic experience of traveling to Dubai with Royal Airport Concierges. 

Another positive aspect of this service is there is no need to stand in long lines at Dubai airport. Assistance will also be provided from the car to the counter for checking-in to the lounge for VIP guests at the airport. 

This is an ideal option for you to travel with great comfort and design. Personal VIP agents are trained knowledgeable, professional, that are ready to fulfill your expectations. 


If you are looking for a visit to Dubai in the coming future you should be aware of the best Airport meet & Greet service.  You’ll be amazed while using these services and make your travel peaceful and joyful.