Elevate your romance through winery hotels 


Smile, there is wine! So many couples enjoy spending time together near vineyards where they can sample various wines and learn more about them. And the hospitality sector in Salem is finding new ways to collaborate with beautiful vineyards of the world and create a beautiful experience for couples.

The pleasure of having a romantic winery hotel stay in Salem, OR as a new getaway for couples has become a huge hit. There are a lot of things they can do while staying in a winery hotel while travelling to Salem Oregon. 

Let us look into some things to consider while visiting a winery hotel.

Winery Hotels and Activities Around It  

The best time to Visit 

The most logical time to stay at a winery hotel would seem to be during harvest. There is excitement in the air as crushing takes place. However, this is also when a winery’s work cycle is at its busiest. You may be let down if your goal was to stomp some grapes. It’s an old-fashioned practice. It is currently only used by wine fairs near Salem winery hotels to draw crowds, which is a tactic that hopefully will end soon. If visiting a winery on a weekday is out of your price range, try arriving by noon on weekends so you can start tasting immediately.

Explore more about wine with queries

The romantic winery hotel stays in Salem, OR know you’re there to learn about wines, not just guzzle when you ask questions during a tasting. Simple inquiries like “How many wines do they have in stock?” or “What wines go through barrel ageing?” can be as detailed as “What barrels are used in the vineyards near your hotel?” It’s amazing how much you can discover about wines just by talking to others while participating in tastings. For example, you could gain access to the best of the best by asking the winemaker what their favorite wines are from the area.

Enjoy all the tasting of different wines

To sample and comprehend the wines is the goal of a tasting while staying at a winery hotel. The majority of wineries offer a tasting flight of their wines, after which you should buy the ones you like and consume as much of them as you like rather than asking for another pour of a particular wine during the tasting.  

Now that we have discussed things to do around winery hotels let us see some interesting facts about wine that will inspire you more to visit a winery hotel on a romantic getaway.

Facts about Wine

  • Red grape skins contain an anthocyanin plant pigment, which gives the wine its color.
  • Red wines typically last longer than white wines because they contain color and tannin, which generally helps preserve them. These characteristics in wine are frequently referred to as “structure,” and their presence indicates how long a wine will age.
  • In ancient times, people drank wine instead of water to quench their thirst. When wine is made naturally, it can kill salmonella and cholera-causing germs because the water wasn’t always clean at the time.
  • Ancient Rome adopted Greek customs, where the term “toasting” first appeared. It originated from soaking some toasted bread in wine to tame the bitterness of the wine.


Winery hotels in Salem, Oregon give an opportunity to a lot of couples to enjoy their love for wine and companionship. The perks are endless, and it gets better with every sip. With correct information about the best romantic winery hotel stay Salem OR, every couple can unwind on weekends and rejuvenate with a glass of good wine and scenic beauty.