Embracing Your Individuality—Because Fitting In Is Overrated!


Out with the old and in with the new: we’renow increasingly celebrating differences and revering individuality. Whether you meet someone new at a bar who’s different from all your friends or you come across an article that’s full of personality, your first response might be amusement—which is often followed by pleasure because you’ve come across something unique.

However, let’s get real for a second—is individuality really valued as much in today’s world?

We live in an era where, despite the onset of globalization, individuals seem to have meshed in groups, ideologies and schools of thought. While each group has a distinct identity of its own, people within each group are expected to have similar ideas and attitudes.

Are people letting go of their inherent individuality to fit in?

Let’s take a look at why embracing your individuality is the best thing you can do for yourself!

Are you trying to fit in?

Most everyone you come across in life has gone through the phase of trying to fit in. We do this by adopting certain behaviors or making decisions to seek validation from others—whether it’s competing in school or a workplace setting or by improving your image in the eyes of others. All of this is geared toward the ultimate goal: to find happiness.

But is this really what’s going to make you happy? Ask yourself if you’re grasping at elusive happiness that stems from what others think of you. Are you shunning your uniqueness for the sake of temporary happiness?

Take the first step toward freedom

It’s going to be hard once you begin your journey. You will feel temporary discomfort because you’ll have trouble dealing with the fact that others aren’t exactlythrilledabout everything you do.

This is because once you begin to assess your life to finally embrace your uniqueness without trying to fit into the mold, others around you won’t be as welcoming of this change.

However, you must power through with one mantra—you value yourself, you don’t need external factors to determine your worth, and you’re responsible for your own happiness.

Leverage your individuality

Once you’ve come to terms with your individuality, it’s time to put it in practice—or, more aptly, show it off!

Uncover your passions and follow your heart so you can delve into activities and tasks that bring you true joy and pleasure. The only thing stopping you from reaching your true potential is you, and that’s where embracing your individuality is going to be your biggest asset!

Have faith that breaking the norm for the sake of your inherent uniqueness isn’t going to be harder to do for much longer. After all, plus-sized women became celebrated in today’s society because they dared to be different, to fight what others deemed was an ideal look for someone in their profession.

You are one of a kind—don’t let anyone take that away from you!

Even though you may joke about running into your doppelganger some day, know that your qualities, characteristics and personality traits are one of a kind. It’s nothing short of an injustice to do away with them.

Learn to tap into your inherent qualities to get you through those situations in life where you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. If life is a game, relying on yourself and trusting in your own unique abilities is the cheat code that will get you through.

Breakaway from the chains of societal expectations and channel your true self! Break the pattern by embracing your individuality to find the true meaning of lasting happiness!—because fitting in is overrated.

About the author

Steve Rizzo is a renowned motivational speaker who has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. He has helped countless individuals to develop a positive attitude toward life as part of his Common Sense Success Strategies. Hire the inspirational business speaker for your next event here.