Everything You Need to Know About Relex Smile Eye Surgery


Are you suffering from nearsightedness? Hold on if you’ve laser surgery in your mind as a viable option. The problem can be treated using advanced and new methods. Relex smile laser stands for Refractive Lenticule Extraction Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. It is an improvement on the conventional Femto-Lasik procedure. A gentle and safe correction of ametropia has made this method popular. In this method, exact lenticular extraction is combined with femtosecond technology.

Understanding Relex smile eye surgery

Relex SMILE is a type of bladeless eye surgery that helps in correcting deformities like astigmatism and shortsightedness. Although you can treat these eye problems through other traditional methods, eye specialists particularly recommend SMILE because of the fantastic advantages that it comes with.

Relex smile eye surgery is performed through a femtosecond laser that is recognized all over the world for its effectiveness and safety. SMILE can correct nearly -10.00 diopters of nearsightedness.

The scientific facts behind Relex smile eye surgery

As mentioned earlier, a VisuMax femtosecond laser is used to carry out this surgery. First, your eye surgeon will use the laser to make a lens-shaped, small bit of lenticule in the cornea.

Then, they will make an arc-shaped, small incision on the corneal surface. Finally, the surgeon will extract that lenticule through the incision and discard it.

Are you eligible for the treatment?

If you fulfil the following conditions, you are eligible for Relex smile eye surgery:

  • You need to be at least 22 years or older.
  • It would be best if you had less than -0.5D of astigmatism.
  • Your eyeglass prescription has to be stable for a minimum of one year.

Why choose Relex SMILE over conventional Lasik?

There are more reasons than one for people to choose Relex SMILE over conventional Lasik, such as:

  • In Lasik, large openings are made for reshaping your cornea. But SMILE uses an opening that is only 4mm in diameter to treat the corneal issue.
  • Lasik involves cutting flaps and folding that backward for removing corneal tissue. Relex smile eye surgery is all about minimal incisions and doesn’t need any flap folding.
  • Lasik usually generates more tears. On the other hand, Relex SMILE is more suited for dry eye syndrome because it utilizes highly advanced keyhole technology. The cornea remains stable, and the flow of tears isn’t affected.
  • While Lasik utilizes a conventional surgical method, Relex SMILE relies on femtosecond technology that enjoys recognition and popularity worldwide. It is also seen as the most precise and the safest way of correcting visual disorders.
  • The shortsighted patients who have almost –10 diopters are treated and given better eyesight by the Relex SMILE procedure. Now, the Femto-LASIK treatment is only recommended to patients who have refraction of a maximum of –8 diopters.


So, it is amply evident by now that Relex SMILE comes with a host of benefits. If you are considering laser eye surgery, get in touch with your doctor and ask whether you are a suitable candidate for Relex SMILE.