Everything You Wanted to Know About UPHOLSTERY and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Everything You Wanted to Know About UPHOLSTERY and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask


What is the difference between reupholstering and recovering furniture? Reupholstering involves completely replacing the fabric and padding of a piece of furniture while retaining the original frame. Recovering involves simply replacing the fabric of the furniture while retaining the original padding and frame.

How long does upholstery last? The lifespan of upholstered furniture depends on several factors such as the quality of the materials used, the frequency of use, and the level of care provided. Generally, a well-made piece of upholstered furniture can last for several decades with proper care.

Can I upholster furniture myself? Upholstery can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but it is possible to do it yourself with the right tools and guidance. It is recommended to start with a simple project such as a chair seat before attempting a more complex piece of furniture.

How much does upholstery cost? The cost of upholstery varies depending on the type of furniture, the materials used, and the extent of the work required. Reupholstering is generally more expensive than recovering, and the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Is Fixing UPHOLSTERY an easy task?

Fixing upholstery can range from easy to difficult depending on the extent of the damage and your level of experience with upholstery work.

If the damage is minor, such as a small tear or stain, it may be relatively easy to fix. For example, you may be able to repair a small tear by patching it with a piece of fabric and some fabric glue or remove a small stain with a cleaning solution.

However, if the damage is more extensive, such as a large tear or significant damage to the padding, it may be more difficult to fix. In such cases, you may need to replace the damaged section of upholstery, which can require more advanced skills and tools.

In general, if you have experience with upholstery work and the damage is not too severe, you may be able to fix it yourself. However, if you are not experienced with upholstery work or the damage is extensive, it may be best to hire a professional upholsterer to do the job for you.


Upholstery refers to the process of adding padding, fabric, or leather to furniture, such as chairs, sofas, and other seating. The primary purpose of upholstery is to provide comfort and style to furniture. It can also help protect the furniture from wear and tear, as well as enhance its longevity.

One of the main reasons people choose upholstery is to update the look of their furniture. By changing the fabric or adding new padding, furniture can be transformed into a new piece entirely. Upholstery also offers the opportunity to customize furniture to fit individual preferences and needs.

In addition to aesthetics, upholstery can also improve the comfort and functionality of furniture. Proper padding and support can make seating more comfortable and provide necessary lumbar support. Furthermore, upholstery can also make furniture more durable and easier to clean, as fabrics and materials can be chosen for their resistance to wear and stains.