Excellent Auto Chat  What Sapp Features to Increase Your Leads –


For any business the most important part are the customers and it is important that we stay connected with them in order to make our business run smoothly. There are many latest auto attendant system and others which help us to stay connected with our customer. But, the latest one in which you can stay connected with your customers are whatsapp latest feature which is through web and helps more efficiently in staying linked with the customers 24*7. It is an enhanced feature of what’s app and is available for all. 

Now your website can have the whats app contact button also. It is one of the simplest ways to stay in touch with your customers always, that too from any device. It can also be termed as cell phone compatible. It is developed by auto chat, which allows you to implant the feature on your website. In this method the user or your customers can easily ask their queries through message platform. It helps greatly in generating more leads since the queries of the customers can be asked directly using whats app feature. In website we only give our email id’s and number, but here there is a direct option to connect with the buyer. 

There is no need for you to know the method of the program, it’s just by installing on your word press site the plugin after which it will configure the message and after few seconds your phone will automatically receive leads. Plus it automatically marks the unread messages, which will cheer you to read the message. It helps greatly in increasing the leads. You can customize it in any language. You can also select the button position which you want to put up in your website i.e. left, right or bottom. This feature is free of cost.