Feel Better About Yourself With These Procedures


Everyone has something different that they dislike about themselves or that they feel a bit uncomfortable when it comes to revealing that part of their body to someone else. However, no matter what it is, today’s medicine is so advanced that there is a solution to everything, and you can shape yourself exactly how your heart desires.


One of the procedures that focuses on an intimate area of the body, which are the vaginal lips is called labiaplasty. This procedure aims to reshape the lips by either reducing their size or increasing it if they are too small. While this might be unusual to some, there are a lot of women who lose a lot of self-confidence when it comes to intercourse due to the looks of their vagina, and this procedure is perfect for them.

The procedure targets the lips only and some extra tissue around it, since it does not affect the clitoris, there is no need to worry about losing certain senses during the procedure along with sexual function. Because the surgery uses dissolvable stitches, once the procedure is completed, that is pretty much it.

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Before and after labiaplasty


Another procedure that is related to the vagina is vaginoplasty, which is a procedure that focuses on the functional side of the vagina more than its looks. A lot of patients who have went through with this procedure claim that their sexual experiences after the procedure have felt much better due to the increased friction that they have been feeling.

That is because this procedure revolves around tightening the walls in the vaginal canal on both the front and the back. Because the procedure is very sensitive, you will undergo anesthesia which will keep you asleep during the procedure.

After you wake up, you will be able to go home, however, you will feel drowsy, which is why someone should give you a ride home. The recovery time depends from person to person, but taking a week or two from work is suggested. Regarding to when you can experience sexual intercourse again, it is advised to avoid any kind of penetration for at least six weeks in order for the vagina to heal up completely.

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Smaller lips after labiaplasty

Final word

Modern medicine offers quite a lot of options that can make you feel better about yourself. Even when you think that there are no solutions to your problems because they tend to be rare, like the ones related to the looks of your vagina, you might be surprised about the options if you consult with your surgeon/