Find the Best Mao Shan Wang Durian Using These Tips


Have you been craving for a Mao Shan Wang durian recently? But would you know how to determine such variants of the fruit when you see it? Or are you aware that such options are available whenever you decide to get one? Well, you are not alone as most local eaters today are only familiar with its strong aroma and creamy texture.

Nonetheless, you can consult your family or friends on how you can identify the different variants of this smelly fruit. They may share some tips that you can use when you decide to order them in online durian stores that offer delivery services in Singapore. Besides, it may be a bit challenging to get your desired variant if you only get to deal with them virtually.

Hence, you may choose to visit your fruit stall in the market and find your wanted Mao Shan Wang durian. You may ask your fellow buyers on how they spot such variants from the numerous displays on the streets. It is also ideal to ask the vendors directly if they sell it and when is the best time for you to get one.

However, it will always be a challenge, whether you are having durian for online delivery or getting them from physical fruit stores if you are clueless about how you can find them. You may either do your complete research or continue with what you have started off asking people around.

But why would you burden yourself if you can use these tips to find your much desired Mao Shan Wang durian? Here are some of them that might even score you the most delectable and most affordable fruit in the region today:

Quick Look

Begin with their most common features, their thorns. Aside from their smelly aroma, durians in Singapore are known for their spiky and prickly skin. You may confuse them with jackfruits and other thorny fruits in the market today, but it is still distinguishable with its unusual spikes. Nevertheless, you can always ask the vendor to be sure.

Unlike with the typical durian variants available today, Mao Shan Wanghas pyramidal thorns instead of the usual conical ones. You can identify it from its angular-shaped spikes that look to be more flawless compared with the regular ones. Moreover, it has flat sides that separate it from the rest of the other variants.

Extra Buying Tip! Do you know the shape of a rugby ball or your kidney perhaps? Well, they are how Mao Shan Wang durianslook. You must know how to differentiate an oval from around one as some variants may also have pyramidal thorns. Always remember to choose a rugby ball over a bowling ball for such instances.

Inspect Below

Another section of your desired fruit you can check is their bottoms. Technically, durians in Singapore have two bases. Find the first one on their stem that is right above the fruit itself. Check if it is bald or clear from any thorns to be sure that it is the correct fruit variant. They should also be brown instead of the usual green colour you see in most of its counterparts.

Similar to what you saw on its stem, you should also see a bald surface at the base of your Mao Shan Wang durian. Never be confused about its brownish colour as it is common in most of its variants. Hence, always choose to feel them be sure that they are clear from any thorns. Again, it should be brown and bald at the stem, and bald and flat at the base.

Extra Buying Tip! If you want to have fun while looking for your desired Mao Shan Wangvariant, you can also look for the starfish on the fruit stalls. You read that right! Look for the 5-arm “starfish” beneath the fruit to be sure that you’re getting the right one. Ensure that its “arms” extend from the base up to its sides!

Flesh Check

Now that you know the initial ways to spot them, you can now ask your go-to fruit vendor if you can have a look at its insides before buying them – that is if they agree with it. Hence, you can check on their open display and inspect if they are indeed selling authentic Mao Shan Wang durians.

Always look for the bright yellow flesh. That’s the only tip when you get to choose based on what you see on the inside. Aside from being sure that it’s ripe and creamy, it also shows that it is freshly harvested and not stale. You may choose to buy such options based on their flesh and get the most of your Mao Shan Wang price.

Extra Buying Tip! Check and feel the seeds if your vendor allows you to do it so. Durians in Singapore usually have waxy and sticky seeds due to its creamy texture. But to find the variant you’re looking for, check if it’s flat with the flesh draping off. That’s how you’ll be sure that you have the right one!

Taste Test

Most importantly, you’ll only be successful with your Mao Shan Wang durianhunt when you get to taste them personally. You should be able to distinguish it easily with its bitter and sweet taste. Some variants may even have both tangs in one fruit and have a bittersweet treat to enjoy.

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