Five Benefits of Cheese Curds


Cheese Curds, for anyone who isn’t familiar with them, are moist pieces of curdled milk that taste salty and tangy. They can be eaten alone as a snack or used as a secondary ingredient to prepare other dishes like poutine,as they are versatile and can be used in many recipes.

Cheese curds are the by-product of the cheddar-making process, and taste best when eaten fresh or super-fresh. Fresh cheese curds will “squeak” as you eat them. Apart from the amazing taste, cheese curds are extremely good for your health.

If you don’t know aboutthe many benefits of fresh cheese curds, it’s time you get to know what wonders cheese curds can do to your body. Here are the benefits of fresh cheese curds:

Rich in Protein

Most people may not realize that cheese curd is actually the nutrition powerhouse. Cheese curd is a dense source of protein, and it contains more protein than Greek curd, which is why cheese curd is also called the ‘diet food.’

However, the amount of protein in cheese curds also depends on the milk used. Cow’s milk contains the highest amount of protein. Therefore the cheese curds derived from the cow’s milk are one rich source of protein.

Cheese Curds Strengthen Bones and Teeth

Cheese curd have very high calcium content, and they can fulfil up to 8% of the daily recommended value. 100 grams of cheese curds have 83 grams of calcium. This whopping level of calcium is enough to ensure strong bones and teeth. Cheese curds have a lower content of lactose (a type of sugar) in it, which means it is less harmful to the teeth.

Apart from the calcium, cheese curds are also rich in vitamin-B, which is responsible for absorbing and distributing the calcium properly throughout our body.

Maintains Heart Health       

Not just teeth and bones, but cheese curds can do wonders to your heart too. Cheese curd is packed with a good amount of magnesium, which ensures better health and immune system.

The potassium found in the cheese curds plays a vital role in balancing the fluid of the body. Cheese curd can help regulate the blood sugar levels also. However, one has to make sure they buy high-quality cheese curd with minimum salt in it. The excess sodium can cause more bad than good.

Improves Digestion

Cheese curds can also aid digestion; the decent amount of phosphorus in it helps in digestion and excretion. Cheese curds are very good for those who experience digestive problems.

The magnesium and other minerals also play crucial role in the digestive systemof our body.

Cheese Curds Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Most of the weight loss diets include cheese curds because of their high protein and low calories. The cheese curd seems to have fullness to a similar extent as eggs.

The calcium and other components of the cheese curd weight maintenance, especially when combined with exercise.

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