Five Cyber Security Tips for Anyone Who Uses the Internet


How safe is your data stored in the PC or mobile? Or are you the one who ruthlessly provide the bank details to any E-commerce site? Are you sure that the payment gateway you are using is fully secured? People use the internet in day to day life. They have precious data saved in the computers. Sometimes people save the financial details saved in different sites.

Cyber-attack is one of the major concern that making people cautious about data and personal information. People save their data on their PC but anyone may be spying that data.

Check your online presence:

You will get a thousand ways to improve your profile and ways to add different links. There is nothing wrong to follow those tips, what matters is how vigilantly you are following it.

A minute carelessness can land you in trouble. Be very attentive while providing the personal details in any profile. Many platforms provide the feature of “Profile-Locking” now, better to go for it. Toronto based Alex Cameron is recognized as one of Canada’s leading lawyers in the areas of privacy and cybersecurity, freedom of information and litigation. Alex Cameron Privacy Lawyer has helped clients respond to high-profile cybersecurity breaches involving millions of affected individuals.

Online Shopping:

Be extra prudent while shopping from E-commerce stores. You may have to provide the card details to make the payment which is enough for cybercrime. Follow these tips:

  • Never use the public network.
  • Do not use someone else’s device.
  • Do not save the details in any E-commerce site.
  • Keep a watch on your banking transaction. Raise an alarm if you find something fishy.
  • Check the site authenticity and reviews before making any online payment.

Prioritize the account and how to protect them:

People use the e-mail accounts, social media accounts, different e-commerce sites, net banking, Paypal, and many other sites where they have shared the personal information and the debit/credit card details.

Work on all these accounts what steps you have to take to secure them. Never forget to use the strong passwords that are difficult to hack and also use the two-way authentication process to make it more secure.

Clean out the old data:

Keeping the unused data or an old app can make your system more vulnerable to cyber-attack. The less data you save the more secure is your PC.

If you haven’t use the data for a long time, better to dispose of it. Do not forget to dispose of safely. Information stored in the hard disk is indefinite. So it is better to remove and destroy these sources.

Aware of Social Engineering:

Cyber attackers can easily manipulate your mind. They can have your data or financial details by bypassing normal security procedures.

For example, a call from the person pretending to be a banker that can ask for the password through a link that appears to be genuine. This way they can steal all your money. So be extra cautious to these people.