Flowers of the Snapdragon Genus


Antirrhinums are quite a family of plants that are commonly recognized as dragon blossoms or snapdragons. These common names come from the blooms’ supposed similarity to the head of a dragon, which opens and shuts its mouth when the flower is laterally compressed. There is a wide range of variations in the appearance of the Snapdragon, also known as the Antirrhinum. The flowers got their name because when you press the fragile edges of the bloom, you can make out a form that resembles the teeth of a dragon. When in bloom, they display hues that are brilliant and stunning. They are made up of blooming stems of varying heights and sizes, ranging from short to medium-tall ones. Although most snapdragons only grow to a height of three to four feet, the tallest snapdragons have been known to reach a height of six feet. Your flowerbed will seem more vibrant with the addition of snapdragons, which also help to create a sense of scale among the other plants.

Each online florist KL flower has its unique varieties, some of which include multicolored variants as well as varying degrees of those colors. Flowers of the Snapdragon are excellent choices for bouquets. If you trim some snapdragons and place them in a vase, they will look beautiful, and they would make an excellent present for that one person in your life.

Some well-known information on Snapdragon Flowers

  • A spiral pattern can be seen formed by the leaves as they wrap around the stem.
  • It is important to use extreme care while working with snapdragons since the blossoms, despite their alluring hues, may cause severe illness if swallowed.
  • Snapdragons, Lion’s Mouth, and Toad’s Mouths are all popular names for the plant genus Antirrhinum.
  • The vast majority of snapdragons are cultivated as annuals; but, because they do not produce as many flowers in their second year, some people consider them to be biennials.
  • They thrive at temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees. Spring and winter are the greatest times for their blooming. Snapdragons thrive best in areas that are on the warmer side.
  • These days, new types of snapdragons are always being developed. Although it is common to see snapdragons in a variety of hues, it is also possible to find specific colors. Some of the most well-liked new varieties of snapdragons include the Rocket Mix (a multicolored series that may reach heights of three feet), the La Bella Mix, and the Arrow Formula. Each variety grows to a height of three feet.
  • At a temp of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the germination process takes eight days.

Growing snapdragons, also known as Antirrhinum majus, in the flower bed add color throughout the chilly season as well as a plant with a size in between that of the taller background plants and the more compact bedding flowers in the front. Gaining knowledge about how to cultivate snapdragons will result in early spring flowers. There are many different types of snapdragons, each with its unique dwarf, intermediate, or long blooming stems, giving gardeners a diverse palette of hues from which to choose. One of the first things you may do in the garden when winter is over is to plant some snapdragons. Because this frost-hardy plant can survive temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit, it is best to begin planting snapdragons as early as possible in the growing season. This will ensure the greatest number of blooms and the best possible performance

There are certain times of the year when May Flower can provide customers with online Snapdragon flowers. They are only sold to those who would appreciate their unique beauty or to create uncommon bouquets. Penang florist online flower is easy to spot among a collection of bouquets because of its distinctive shape and vibrant coloration; as a result, many people who come into direct contact with it express a strong desire to acquire it. When given as a present to a person you care about, a bouquet with ten to twelve stems that is wrapped in pretty paper and finished off with a bow is a thoughtful gesture that is appropriate for any event, doesn’t call for any additional flowers or greenery, and is guaranteed to leave an enduring impression.