Foot Care Tips that You Should Know


 Even though our feet are the farthest from our eyes, it doesn’t mean we should neglect it. They should be properly taken care of as they are mostly responsible for our body mobility. It would be difficult if we could not walk properly as it may significantly affect our daily lifestyle. Thus, if foot problems occur, then visit a podiatrist as soon as possible.

However, we should avoid the habit of waiting for our foot problems to get worse before we take crucial steps to take care of them. We should take the initiative to avoid such foot issues to occur. If unsure, then a podiatrist could help educate about the proper foot care tips.

Aside from getting help from a podiatrist in Singapore, you can do some home remedies by yourself. In this article, we have outlined the best practices for proper foot care.

Choosing Proper Footwear

Although shoes, sandals, slippers and other footwear are designed to protect our feet, each come in different sizes and styles. Thus, it is not enough to have footwear. You should make sure to choose the right footwear. It should fit just right so that it would not be uncomfortable to wear it.

Keep on reading to know how to choose the appropriate footwear.

  • If style matters to you, then it is alright if you choose to buy trendy footwear like cloth kickers and canvas sneakers. Just make sure not to wear them during athletic activities like mountain climbing, jogging & running. Your feet need extra protection while doing strenuous exercises, so consider investing in sport’s shoes.
  • If the occasion requires you to wear heels, then you may want to choose a pair of sandals that has broad heels. This is to provide more support on the feet.
  • As for fitting the shoes, see to it that there is enough width at the toe. Your toes should not touch the soles of the shoes to avoid corns and calluses. Also, it should not slip while you try to walk or move. If corn and calluses still occur, then it is best to visit a podiatrist.

Foot Problems That Might Occur from Wearing Ill-Fitting Shoes 

Failing to wear the proper shoes could lead to various foot problems like blisters, ingrown toenails, corns, and calluses. A blister is fairly common, especially if you are wearing a new pair of shoes. To treat it, you only have to apply an antiseptic and wrap it up with a bandage.

Meanwhile, ingrown toenails are more serious since it could cause pain and fluid build-up if not treated. It is a common condition for people who are often wearing ill-fitting shoes. The shoes are too tight, so it puts pressure on the toenails. Even though ingrown toenails could be treated at home, don’t attempt to do it. Doing it wrong could cause complications. A better option would be to visit a podiatry clinic. They have health specialists who could perform a safe and effective ingrown toenail removal.

As for the corns and calluses, you may use a pumice stone to soften the hardened skin. However, it would still be best to go to a podiatry clinic to properly remove the hardened skin. Not only would the podiatristhelp get rid of the corns and calluses, but they could also recommend you to try wearing custom insoles orthotics to prevent the frequent appearance of corns and calluses.

Proper Feet Hygiene

Aside from choosing the right footwear, another way you can properly take care of your feet is to practice proper hygiene. It is not enough that you are taking a shower regularly. You have to take extra measures by thoroughly cleaning your feet.

Here are some of the best practices for proper foot care:

  • If you want to avoid sweaty feet or “hyperhidrosis” to prevent foot odour, then you just have to use antibacterial soap. Focus on cleaning the areas in between your toes as this is where fungal infections often occur. Having fungal infections could further make your feet smelly.
  • Even though washing your feet regularly may help, you should avoid soaking them. This could lead to dryness and cracking.
  • Keep your feet dry by using foot powder products. You could also look for moisture-wicking socks. Just make sure to change them as often as possible to prevent excessive sweating.
  • Trim your nails properly. Do not cut it too short because this could cause fungal nail infections. If you are bothered by the unsmooth edges, then you could use a nail filer to fix it.
  • If in case you accidentally cut your toenails too short, and a nail fungus occurs, then you should see a podiatristimmediately. They may perform a PACT Therapy to get rid of the infection.

Exercise and Foot Care

In addition to proper foot hygiene, it is also essential that you exercise regularly. It would help promote proper blood flow on the feet. Remember that good blood circulation keeps your feet healthy. So, avoid living a sedentary lifestyle, and start being active! You could do simple exercises at first like walking and jogging.

Keep Your Feet Healthy with the Help of Podiatrists in Singapore!

If you are experiencing any foot problems, then don’t hesitate to visit some podiatrists! They are foot and ankle doctors in Singapore who could help treat conditions related to the lower legs! With their expertise, they can surely help you recover from foot injuries or any other foot-related problems!