Four Important Trading Tips for Cryptocurrency Traders


People who want to trade cryptocurrencies to diversify their portfolios have to deal with an extremely volatile market. Digital currencies can lose significant value year by year because of orders from regulators and hacking. Thus, whether you want to trade Bitcoin or other currencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, make sure to follow the trading tips below:

Expect Plenty of Volatility

Although a price movement of 5% is big in equities, a 20% movement within a day in cryptocurrencies is quite normal. Because blockchain technology is still in its experimental stage, any digital asset may go to zero. Digital currencies are speculative assets, thus, investors must not buy them for their retirement portfolios. 

Know where to Trade 

Getting Bitcoin is easier than it was a year ago for non-miners. It’s just important to be in the right country to buy and sell Bitcoins where it is legal for exchanges to act as intermediaries for currency transactions. This ensures that funds are protected from being mismanaged by both internal and external attackers. Cryptocurrency exchanges convert a digital currency into USD or other fiat currency. Based on the price fluctuations between these currencies, an investor can sell and buy their holdings and make good profits. Also, trading bitcoins can be done through trading platforms and software. Click here to access one of these. 

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To trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you will need to have a Bitcoin exchange account. After finding a dependable exchange, sign up and provide the required personal information. This will make you eligible to buy and sell Bitcoin directly from or to the markets.

Have Some Forex Trading Knowledge

An attentive trading analyst will easily attract rewards and avoid risks. Thus, try to learn a bit about Forex strategies and indicators to predict the potential price actions before you make any trade. Below are some important Forex language terms you need to understand:

  • Bid price. This refers to the amount of money you are willing to pay for the Bitcoins.
  • Ask price. This is the minimum price at which trading sites are willing to sell their Bitcoins.
  • Volume of trading site. This refers to the number of monetary units sold during a given period.
  • Arbitration. This is the activity through which you will try to make a profit. 
  • Speculator. You are a speculator if you buy Bitcoins and sell them at a higher one to try to make a profit.
  • Bubble. This happens when Bitcoins are highly on demand. When this occurs, Bitcoin prices soar and drop after a while because there is no basis for the demand.

Trading Risks

A big part of the risk when trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies comes from their untraditional price fluctuations. Bitcoin tends to see differences in whole dollar amounts. You can avoid such volatilities by shorting your funds on the first opportunity.

Moreover, the constant attempt to hack the hot wallets of Bitcoin exchanges is another risk traders must be aware of. Thus, make sure to only keep the limited minimum requisite fun on the hot wallet and keep the rest in a cold wallet.