Girls bangles – Styling tip 101


Girls bangles and bracelets make up one of the most distinguished parts of accessories and jewellery to wear. There are a multitude of types, each one belonging to styles or for different occasions, with different materials and sizes and with more or less expensive prices. In India, you can find girl bangles that adapt to what you need, and for this, we are going to see some tips.

Aspects to consider when choosing a bangles

You will think that choosing bangles is as simple as looking at the catalogue and choosing the one that seems most beautiful to you, but there are some factors that are recommended to take into account, in addition to its beauty:

Materials that make up the product 

The material with which the bangles are made will determine its quality, durability or resistance. For example, the girl bangles can be made entirely or in part of gold, silver, stainless steel, leather or threads. Depending on the budget you have or your personal tastes, you can assess various options.

Style to match

The purchase of a bangle is also determined by its use: if it is for a business dinner or a formal event, the design of the product will be more formal than if you want a girl’s bangles to wear every day. Here you can choose if the bangles are made up of several linked, joined, more together or separated pieces or the cable that will be taken as the basis.

Size of your wrist

This point is important because of the fall that the bangles can have since if we acquire a larger size, it can dance on the wrist. If you like a more snug fit, consider measuring the size or making sure you have adjustable hooks. It is convenient that you make sure of this for your greater comfort.

Girls bangles 101 – Style tips

First, consider having one type of girls bangles for different occasions. In this way, it will not be necessary for you to always wear the same bangles, but to have different styles to change depending on the need.

For formal events, thin bangles with a dark colour is an option that combines with any evening outfit. Sometimes a single bangle can add more glamour than wearing several on the same wrist: if you want to wear several, try distributing them between both wrists, but it would not look good to put the same amount on each one.

If it is an informal event, such as a concert or a party at a nightclub, you can have bangles, more daring, light colours and striking to the eyes.

If you are wearing a watch, but the bangles on the opposite hand, or simply ditch the watch that day. Also, think about the colour of the accessory: that is related to the tone of your shirt, dress or even buttons of your clothes.

Depending on the occasion for which you want to acquire a bangle, you can opt for a more formal style, if it is for dinner; or information if it is for daily use or goes according to your casual style. It is important that you pay attention to all the details before purchasing it to be successful in the purchase.