Going abroad – You need Airtel Foreign Pass


Are you planning a trip abroad? You must already be done with searching for destinations, booking hotel rooms, getting your travel insurance and other documents sorted, even what clothes you would be packing for your travel excursion.  

Oh, did you pack the camera? Good and you must have found suitable international roaming plans already. No, how will you be contacting your friends and family back home then?

Don’t panic, as we have got the perfect solution for your worry. 

Almost all the major telecom service providers in India offer various international roaming plans. However, you’d find Airtel foreign pass more beneficial and in your budget.

Let’s check out the 3 best international roaming plans under Airtel foreign pass and how to avail those.

Airtel international roaming prepaid plan at Rs 196

This plan under Airtel foreign pass costs you Rs. 196 for which you get 20 minutes free local and outgoing calls to India free for 7 days. Moreover, you get benefits of free incoming calls and messages from your loved ones back in India.

Airtel roaming prepaid plan at Rs. 296

For Rs. 296 you get free local and outgoing calls to India for 40 minutes. You can go for this plan if you are traveling abroad for more than a week for up to 30 days. Incoming calls and text messages from Indian and in the local country are free in this plan as well.

International roaming plans at Rs 446

This plan is designed for travelers staying abroad longer for up to 90 days. For Rs. 446 under this Airtel international prepaid plan, you get 75 minutes of free local and outgoing voice calls back to India for the validity of 90 days. As for the incoming calls and text messages from India and in the local country, you won’t be charged a penny.

How to avail Airtel foreign pass

Now, that you have got your perfect international prepaid plan let’s get to know how you can avail and activate this plan.

To avail and activate your Airtel international plan you’ll need to visit Airtel official website or download the AirtelThanks app from the Play Store. Next, head over to the ‘International Roaming’ section and enter your Airtel number, the country you’re traveling to and select from Airtel Foreign Pass plans.

Proceed to checkout and sit back. Once your roaming plan is activated, you will be able to make a call back in India the moment you touch down the foreign land.

Avail the one-of-a-kind benefits of Airtel Foreign Pass specially designed for prepaid users and keep in touch with your loved once back in India without worrying over a hefty phone bill.