Hardwood Flooring Installation: Mistakes to Avoid

Home Improvement

Of the various flooring types available in recent times, nothing makes your house look as beautiful and warm as hardwood flooring. They render a rustic, luxurious feel to your house. However, only laying a hardwood floor wouldn’t work. You have to take care of it, clean and maintain it to retain its shine and charm. Homeowners tend to commit certain mistakes when it comes to hardwood flooring installation. If you are new to this flooring process, below given are a few mistakes you must be careful about.

  • Not Preparing the Subfloor

Lots of homeowners neglect the subfloor while laying hardwood flooring. Though it’s best to hire a hardwood flooring company to get the installation done, some homeowners opt to do the process on their own. If you are one of them, always make sure the subfloor is even. If the subfloor remains wet or unevenly placed, it would cause structural damage to the wood. If you are opting for carpet installation, pull the old carpet and pad before laying a new floor. 

  • Choosing the wrong wood 

Do not go and blindly buy any kind of wood the buyer advises you to. You first need to know what kind of wood would fit into your home’s decor. Make sure the kind of wood you choose complements and enhances your home’s ambiance. If your house is full of people and the floor experiences high traffic chooses hickory or maple wood. If your house has kids playing around, choose light coloured wood as they would help to hide scratches and dents. If your room is spacious enough, you must choose dark coloured wood. Remember that whichever wood you choose, it reflects your taste and preferences to people. So choose wisely. 

  • Hiring the Cheapest Contractor

Hardwood flooring installation is a one-time investment. So, you must always ensure the service is of high quality. Never think about hiring a low-quality hardwood flooring company as they would demand less price. It would cost you more in the long run. Flooring installation needs precision and skill, which only professionals have. 

You must also hire a flooring specialist and not just any general contractor to scrutinize the entire flooring installation process. A flooring specialist is an expert and then would be able to guide you better than any other person without specialisation. Also, don’t forget to clean the floor once the installation is over.