Helpful Tips to Maximize Laser Production


One of the best things about laser cutting and engraving machines is how quickly they can etch or cut a pattern, even for intricate designs. While this is true, most laser operators are constantly searching for effective methods to increase overall productivity.

If someone is interested in laser cutting, they will likely check out Boss Laser reviews at Trustpilot. However, these reviews will not provide insight regarding how to increase the efficiency and productivity of the laser being used. Keep reading for some tips on how to improve laser productivity and ensure the desired results are achieved.

Use Centre Engraving

Consider using center engraving. This will help to set up custom jobs effectively, such as something being put on an award or phone, or anything else that requires the use of centered graphics or text. With center engraving, it is possible to work with different sized items without creating a custom template for everyone. With this feature, the user can move the laser by hand to the object’s center, where the engraving will go. The center point can then be set as the new home position, which is what the laser will use to place the desired graphic. Compared to creating custom files or jigs, this is a method that is going to help laser users save a lot of time.

Pre-Engrave Items

Today, customization is a popular trend. As a result, it also represents a rather promising business opportunity. However, one-off jobs aren’t typically very efficient. Having to load up the same design again and again to engrave the same item a few times can take up a lot of the production time. It is a good idea to pre-engrave an inventory of popular items before any type of individual order is sent. An example would be with a cutting board (or something similar). It is possible to pre-engrave the primary graphics for the design in a single batch. After an order is made, the pre-engraved boards can be put back into the machine to add the custom phrase. This type of small detail will make the entire process faster and more efficient.

Engrave Many Items in a Single Batch

Something that will help to reduce total production time is printing multiple items at the same time. If someone has a project that requires engraving more than a single item that has the same or a similar design, such as coasters or even plaques, they can engrave several of them all at once rather than doing this one piece at a time. Engraving in batches can result in time savings of 37% or more. The number that can be engraved at one time is going to depend on the table size.

When it comes to increasing the efficiency and productivity of laser engraving, there are more than a few factors to consider. Keep the information here in mind to ensure the desired results are achieved. In the long run, this is going to help make the entire process easier and faster, which is usually the ultimate goal.