Here’s What Every Young Adult Women Should Have In Their Bag


Every woman in the world is madly obsessed with owning designer bags! The top choices are Chanel, Hermès, and everyone’s dreamLouis Vuitton. The luxury brand is one of the many obsessions women love. Owning an LV bag can give both a rewarding and privileged feeling. Nowadays, women purchase designer bags as a gratifying reward for themselves after a hurdle in work or life. It is nice to spend or splurge on little luxuries once from time to time. After all, it is your money, so might as well invest in designer bags.

Did you know that most young adults desire an LV bag so much? Having one is a prized possession. Louis Vuitton is well-known for its designer bagsacross the world. Their bags are long-lasting enough to last for a decade or more. Each bag undergoes hundred days of processing and manufacturing to ensure its durability. LV designer bags have the finest and most premium quality of leather. In Louis Vuitton, they treat people differently, with exclusivity and high respect. You definitely get what you pay for!

If you possess LV womens tote bags, what should you put inside?


One of the main reasons female young adults choose LV womens tote bags is their size and capacity. However, whether you prefer using tote bags or womenscrossbody bags, these are the essentials that must be inside your bag or purse.


This one is seriously a given. Never ever leave your house without money: paper, coins, cards, credit, or mobile wallet. You need your wallet at all times because you will never know if you need to spend or not. Also, money is necessary in case of emergencies. Choose a wallet with the appropriate size, design, and capacity to hold all your identification cards, credit or debit cards, and cash.

Tip: If you like compact and functional pieces, you can use a cardholder instead. It can hold your credit and ID cards and put a few pieces of cash in the middle opening. Since it is tiny, it can even fit in your clutch bag.


Always carry perfume with you or put it in your womens tote bags. Women are always on the go, so it is nice to bring a travel-size bottle of perfume all the time for quick sprays. It will be very functional and helpful when sudden business meetings or hangout dates occur. It can help boost your confidence and drive the foul body odour away. Just spray a few spritzes, and you will smell fresh again. For young adults, floral and fruity scents are the perfect choice for that sweet and fresh feeling. Make sure to add perfume to your designer bags essentials checklist!


Gum, breath mints, paper strips, or breath spray.

These are some mouth fresheners a woman MUST carry everywhere. Stinky and bad breath is not cute and attractive, dear. Bad breath is a major turn off! It is always a good idea to bring mouth fresheners with you. It can come in handy during lunch at work, travels, dinner dates or business meetings. Also, if you have a partner, this will really be beneficial. Its tiny size is a plus factor as it can fit in designer bags.


Other essential pieces in your bag checklist are toiletries, such as tissue, feminine wipes, a menstrual pad, alcohol, and sanitiser. These things are necessary for your hygiene, especially when using public toilets. Always keep these handy inside your womens tote bags to sanitise everything you will use, including the cutleries, toilet seat, etc. Remember, hygiene should be your top priority over anything!


It is pretty obvious already, but you must always bring your house keys everywhere you go. Here is a tip for keeping your house keys! Whether it is a key fob, card, or actual key, place it inside the tiny pocket inside your womens crossbody bags.It is to help save your precious time and your keys with no hassle.




It is nice to bring your makeup pouch for a retouch. However, several pieces of makeup cannot fit in some bag types, like a clutch bag. You can do your makeup at home and bring the following for instant makeup retouch:

  • Compact Powder – a compact or pressed powder is tiny enough to fit in any bag, including a clutch bag. Bringing a compact powder with you is essential. It will come in handy when your face starts to get oily. Just use a couple of pats, and you are good to go again, looking fresh!
  • Lipstick – To keep your face vibrant, carry lipstick with you. Lipstick retouch is a MUST after meals. Simply remove all the colour stains on your lips, and start with a clean slate. For a more feminine professional look, go with red. But if you want a sweet youthful look, go with MLBB (my lips but better) or pink shades!
  • Blush and brush – Rosy cheeks can create a softly glowing and youthful look. Place your blush-on inside your designer bags for a quick retouch.
  • Eyeliner and mascara – Use waterproof eye makeup to avoid mascara flakes and eyeliner smudges. Keep these two inside your womens tote bags for eye touch-ups, too.


Nowadays, most young adults prefer using AirPods as it is wireless, compact, and can recharge by themselves. Whether you own a pair of earphones or AirPods, you must keep one in your designer bags. You can wear and use this while going home, working on a task, walking, or anything under the sun. It will also be very convenient when you are outdoors and bored. Just plug it in and play your favourite playlist. Instant mood booster!



A pair of sunglasses can give this luxury and classy aura to your look. It is an effective fashion statement that can also be handy for eye protection. It can protect and cover your eyes from sun rays. You may opt for wayfarers or aviators. The good thing with sunglasses is they can fit in your womenscrossbody bags, even the smallest bag size.



Have you noticed that most young adults bring disposable cameras? A disposable camera is perfect for capturing precious moments. It provides you with raw, authentic, and aesthetic photos once it is printed or developed. Don’t worry! It is compact and tiny, so it will definitely fit inside designer bags!


Splurging on yourself must be done once in a while, especially if you have accomplished an achievement. Womenscrossbody bagsare a great investment to start with if you are a young adult. These types of bags may look tiny but are spacious inside. Also, they are made of high-quality leather material that can last for years. You will definitely get an ROI for it!

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