High security self storage


When you’re thinking about storage options, don’t make the mistake of assuming that a self storage facility isn’t secure. Self storage facilities often have high levels of security that make it possible for customers to protect their possessions in a variety of different ways. Whether using the space for personal or business storage, you can rely on a number of different security protocols to keep your storage unit safe. Of course, not all storage facilities have such high standards of security, so it’s vital to carefully examine any options that you’re looking at. Facilities like Henfield Storage, which you can find at https://www.henfieldstorage.co.uk/, will tell you all about the security that they offer so that you know what to expect.

Security Technology

Technology is one of the best ways to create storage security. There are several solutions that can work for storage facilities, including cameras and alarm systems. Alarm systems can be linked up to both monitoring stations and the police so that the right people are notified if someone or something sets off the alarm. CCTV cameras are also an excellent solution. They record the storage facility and they deter people from doing anything, knowing that they will be filmed. The best CCTV is filmed in colour for a good picture and records 24/7 so that nothing is ever missed.

Security Staff

As well as security technology, having staff on site also helps with security. Trained staff know how to keep the facilities secure, whether it’s by patrolling the premises or just locking everything up outside of opening hours. Having staff around can make a big difference to security and even just how safe the facilities feel. When there are staff members around, you know you have someone to ask questions to, and someone you can go to if you see someone acting suspiciously.

Keeping Storage Facilities Safe

As well as security to prevent thefts and vandalism, it’s important to keep self storage facilities safe. High security self storage facilities like Henfield Storage will also ensure safe premises. They should have a fire alarm system and safety protocols that ensure everyone stays safe in the event of a fire. Staff should be trained in fire safety too. Storage facilities also have rules on what their customers can store, which helps to keep the premises safe. For example, most storage spaces wouldn’t allow the storage of fireworks.

Securing Your Storage Unit

In addition to the security of the general storage facilities, it’s also important that the individual storage units are kept secure. Padlocks are usually supplied, or the customer can provide their own padlock. Padlocks are easily changed between customers and they’re secure enough to stop random people gaining access to storage units. The structure of the units is also important. High-quality steel units protect their contents and can’t be easily broken into, offering a high level of security.

Choose the right self storage facility and you can benefit from top security for your personal or business storage.