How a Couples Therapist Can Help you and your Spouse?


Efficient couples therapy depends on several factors. Both partners should be ready to make the amendment. If one has chosen to give up on the relationship, then probably the other partner cannot bring success. The goal is to hire a therapist before your relationship gets wrecked. If one or both the partners have tried everything to make things okay and no longer want to put any effort, then you cannot expect very good results.

But, if there is a little interest in both the partners to make things better, then therapy can help you. It is important to visit a therapist who is professionally trained in family counselling. You have good chances of expecting the therapist to bring positive changes in your marriage. All in all, a therapist can:

Help you see your relation in a different way: People see their relationship through their experience lens. Though there isn’t anything wrong with it but it showcases the failure of their relation. A therapist will make you see it objectively. He will analyse the way you speak to your partner and what happens when you both start getting uncomfortable or stressed out. With their guidance, you will start seeing you and your partner in more adaptive ways.

Know destructive behaviour: Dysfunctional behaviour like emotional abuse, physical torture, violence can sink your relationship. A therapist will assess if one of the partner is into destructive behaviour and train the other one to handle it. With therapy sessions, the therapist will change the way partners behave with one another and help in establishing et godt parforhold.

Express your real feelings: Sometimes behaviour learnt in school are carried over to your adult life. So, if as a child you have been hiding your true feelings, then you may be fearful in opening up to your spouse. But, it will create a wedge between you two. A good therapist will make you feel comfortable with your partner and get emotionally close to him/ her.

Train you to interact effectively: Once you know the right way to express your feelings, you need your partner to be understanding. There shouldn’t be space for criticism, apathy or sarcasm in a relationship. It will lead to more conflicts. A good therapist will understand you and your partner and help you understand each other. Communication is important to establish the base of a good marriage but sometimes it is your therapist who helps you see how you and your spouse should interact with one another.

Look out for your strengths: Couples therapy isn’t about the problems always. It is also important to understand your strength. The aim is to help you search for positive things which bring joy and happiness in your relationship. A therapist will explain you the different ways to create positivity in your life and add to your couples goal.

So, whether your relationship is in trouble or not, a therapist will help you find ways to make your relationship better and stronger.