How can a family lawyer Toronto help with your child support?


Divorces happen all the time, and it’s turning out to be an option that people tend to resort to quite often today. However, when it comes to child support, it doesn’t work out as smoothly as divorces do. Commonly it is one parent having to pay the other for child support they owe. Sometimes, people hold back on payments for child support. To sort them out, you need legal aid, and that’s what a Toronto family lawyer is there for.

When you interview potential prospects and decide on one based on certain factors, you can expect them to help you navigate the legal system. They can eventually help you win your case and get you the money that you’re owed so that you can properly provide for your child. Here’s more on how can a family lawyer Toronto help with your child support.

Prove your income: – If you are facing trouble with your child support and need to prove your income, a lawyer proficient in family law can help you. They can help you draw up the required paperwork and can make the process of proving your income in court easy. If something comes along the way that is stopping you from proving your income in court, the lawyer can speedily turn things around.

Subpoena the other parent’s financial information: – If you believe your ex is hiding his or her income, you need to file a petition in court. However, you may not know about the required paperwork need. However, a family law firm knows all the ins and outs and can easily help you subpoena your ex’s financial information so that it can be displayed in court.

Establish paternity: – Your ex may all of a sudden accuse you of not being the other biological parent, and you may need to establish paternity. However, your ex may have a legal team that may be preventing you from establishing paternity. That’s why you need a family lawyer Toronto to help you establish paternity.

Locate the other parent: – At times, you can expect your ex to leave you high and dry and then disappear. You are going to have difficulty in locating him or her so that you expect their share of child support to arrive. A family lawyer Toronto can easily help you find the parent if they have just disappeared. They know all the legal procedures and have probably worked other similar cases, so they have a rough idea about where to begin.

Represent you in court: – This is the most important factor as you can expect your ex to have his or her own lawyer in court. You will want a family lawyer to represent you in court so that you can avoid all the legal terms that the opposition is sure going to bury you in.

If you have been through a divorce as of recent, you know that troubling times can befall anybody. You must be facing problems with your child support; that is why you choose to research about a family lawyer. A family lawyer Toronto can easily help you get the child support you need for you to raise your child right.