How Can You Make Your Bone Stronger? | A Parent’s Quick Guide


From breakfast to bedtime, milk is a staple drink for kids. We serve our children milk and cereal in the morning and a glass of warm milk in the evening to improve our kids’ sleep. Milk is a nutritious food for children who are still in a developing stage. There are lots of choices of milk in the market, from cow’s milk to milk formula. But the best of them all is breast milk. 

It provides vitamins and minerals like calcium essential in building and strengthening your child’s bones. Your orthopaedic doctor in Singaporemay even encourage the parents to drink milk as well. Milk is rich in calcium. 

Calcium helps keep the bones healthy. It also prevents early bone density loss. Milk also significantly improves the teeth by forming enamel. Milk can also delay osteoporosis and reduce the risk of bone fractures. It means less chance of getting a Singapore orthopaedic surgery

Apart from drinking milk which we all love, here are the other ways to make your and your kid’s bones stronger!


How To Strengthen and Keep Your Bones Healthy? 

The most common bone problem around the world is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones start to weaken, thin and become brittle– bone density loss. People of all races are at risk of developing osteoporosis as they hit the age of 30. It means you and your child will experience it soon.

Although there is no way to reverse this condition, people can delay its onset. It is through taking care of the bones at an early age. Parents! It is not too late to take care of your bones, too! Try these bone-strengthening tips with your kids and impress your doctor once you visit your orthopaedic clinic in Singapore.

Have a Healthy Diet

One of the easiest ways of building your child’s bones while keeping yours healthy is monitoring your diet. The most important component of the diet is calcium and vitamin D.

Calcium is found in dairy products, such as milk, cheese and yoghurt. Beans, nuts, and seeds are also rich in calcium. You can also find calcium in fruits like oranges. 

On the flip side, vitamin D promotes calcium absorption. Fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines are rich in vitamin D. The cheapest and probably most accessible source of vitamin D are egg yolks.

What Parents and Children Can Do?

Firstly, parents should consult their children’s dieticians to monitor how much calcium and vitamin D your kids’ need every meal, depending on their age. 

Secondly, if parents choose to take vitamin D and calcium supplements, it is much better to consult with a physician first. 

Lastly, visit an orthopaedic doctor or ankle specialist in Singaporeto check if you or your kid is experiencing calcium and vitamin D deficiency. 

Workout and Exercise

We all know that exercise is good for the muscles. The more we use the muscle, the stronger they become. It also applies to our bones. 

However, not all exercises make the bone stronger. Activities, particularly weight-bearing exercise, are the best for the bones. 

A few examples of weight-bearing exercises are walking, jogging, running, climbing, dancing, and aerobics. The bones and muscles become stronger because of the weight-bearing exercises. Consult your ankle specialist in Singaporefor specific foot and ankle exercises.

What Parents and Children Can Do?

Firstly, the parents’ best way to make their children engage in physical activities is through play. Playing tag includes walking and running activities.

Secondly, enrol your kids to dance classes. There are lots of dance classes available, from ballet to hip-hop. 

Lastly, you can exercise with your child. You can bring them with you when you jog around the park or do your easy aerobics exercises. 

However, before engaging in these physical activities, make sure you and your kid are free of ankle and feet conditions. Juvenile Hallux Valgus or bunions are common among teenagers, and they may cause discomfort during exercise. Visit your foot and ankle specialist for possiblebunion surgery in Singapore. 

Visit Your Orthopaedic Doctor in Singapore Regularly



Visiting an orthopaedic clinic in Singaporeis essential for both kids and parents. 

Oftentimes, kids visit their orthopaedic doctor in Singaporewhen they experience a bone fracture, juvenile bunions, and other bone conditions. 

On the other hand, adults can benefit from visiting an orthopaedic doctor to learn how to delay the onset of bone density loss or how to manage it. 

What Parents and Children Can Do? 

You can discuss with your doctor how to strengthen and build stronger bones, preventive methods, and treatment for bone issues like bunion surgery in Singapore

For existing conditions, discuss the medication and therapies needed to regain the bone and muscle strength of the injured body part. 

Avoid Smoking and Limit Alcohol Consumption

This tip is generally for parents or adults. One of the effects of tobacco smoking is the decrease in bone mass. The nicotine found in cigarettes and tobacco slows down the production of osteoblasts– cells that produce new bones. At the same time, nicotine also compromises calcium absorption. 

On the other hand, heavy alcohol consumption weakens the bones, making them more vulnerable to injuries. 

Smoking and alcohol consumption increases the risk of fractures, injuries, and osteoporosis. It also means more chances of Singapore orthopaedic surgery.

What Parents and Adults Can Do? 

Firstly, cigarette and tobacco smokers should stop smoking. It is better to seek guidance from a physician during this journey. 

Secondly, limit heavy alcohol consumption by switching to occasional drinking. 

Lastly, choose a healthy lifestyle and seek support from friends and relatives. 

Osteoporosis is an irreversible bone condition. Yet, we can still delay it by strengthening and keeping our bones healthy as early as possible. Start by feeding nutritious food to your kid at a young age, and they will easily overcome bone issues as they age. 

And it is not too late for parents and adults to take care of their bones as well! Healthy diet, exercise, and quitting unhealthy vices will help maintain your bone mass.

Lastly, don’t forget to consult your orthopaedic doctor in Singapore for bone health assessment and identification of risk factors. 

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