How Company Picnics Improve Employee Relationship And Your Business


Running a business is not just about taking risks, making profits, and maintaining good relationships with customers and clients. As your employees are collectively considered your greatest asset, it’s necessary to ensure that they have a good rapport and work effectively — and efficiently — together. Holding company events is essential in hitting this goal. While some can be lavish, some can be done in much simpler means — for instance, tapping a picnic catering for your company picnic.

Here’s how doing such a seemingly simple thing can leave a great, positive impact on our business.

It encourages integration. Businesses work with the help of different departments. And employees are inevitably ranked. To foster great camaraderie and teamwork, you have to have an activity that will break boundaries to a certain degree and allow all your employees to integrate and interact with one another.

It boosts your people’s morale. Picnic catering has steadily seen increased demand from people who run (or manage) businesses — and one important reason is that holding company picnics helps boost the morale of the employees. Subsequently, they become more productive and able to contribute to the growth of the company as a whole.

It shows you care for them. Employee retention is something beneficial to any business. If you want to keep your people’s loyalty, you need to show and make them feel that you care for welfare. You can do this by offering exclusive perks, establishing a reward system, or treating them to company picnics.

It allows you to celebrate success. Your people deserve to be celebrated. From small wins to huge successes, it’s only fitting to reward their hard work. During light-hearted activities like company picnics, you’ll have the chance to express your gratitude to the very people who help your business grow to its full potential.

It inspires gratitude. Speaking of gratitude, holding a company event like a picnic is also an opportune time to install the value of thankfulness. Your employees can look up to this event as their inspiration — that being appreciative of people who are on your side brings a certain sense of elation, both to the one who’s being grateful and to the one who’s on the receiving end.

It’s a way for you to learn more about your people. A good business leader knows the sentiments of his or her people. You can learn a thing or two about your employees when you gather them in one place and when you observe them while you host a company activity.

Pulling Off A Successful Company Picnic

First and foremost, you have to build a budget plan as it decides all the factors linked to your activity. Depending on your budget allocation, you should look for a picnic catering company that is experienced and committed to delivering their services.

Don’t forget to set an optimal date and book an ideal venue. Take note that this company event shouldn’t be scheduled around important occasions like client meetings and quarterly reviews.

Make sure all this information is passed down on your employees as well as suppliers. On the day of the picnic event, it’s important to set some ground rules — but don’t let it hinder the fun and excitement of this morale-boosting and rewarding activity.

Picnics have tons of benefits to the family or to a company. If you need picnic catering, contact us today at Saint Germain Catering.