How Content Creation Pushed Gaming


Attitudes towards gaming have changed massively over the past few years as some of the most popular platforms have been able to offer exciting entertainment for a changing demographic away from only the expected areas. Mobile is considered to be among the fastest growing gaming market in the world as it is no longer only teen males that make up the majority of the player base, but instead women over the age of 30. But is it only the accessibility that has changed the attitude toward gaming, or something else entirely?

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Whilst the ease of access can certainly be a consideration, one of the bigger changes has certainly been within the amount of content created around gaming over the past decade that has really been able to push it into a broader light – platforms such as YouTube have helped develop huge personalities that have taken many aspects of gaming from a niche interest to something that’s appealing to the younger audience and the older audience alike, and these personalities have helped develop modern gaming interests into what it is.

Similarly, live streaming platforms such as Twitch have managed to push that interest further and even help steer which games may remain popular for a time – this had been seen in the summer last year with games like Fall Guys which saw a dramatic rise and fall, which had then passed over to games like Among Us and now Rust as streamers influence the big changes in older games that are now popular once more. The same is true with events in esports as the ability to livestream has enabled viewers to tune in for free and without restriction, video-on-demand following these events has allowed those unable to watch live to stream once again for free and supporting markets as players bet on events at have become more available as the changing audience seek out more familiarity with offerings such as this being the prefect way for newer fans to gain interest.

The impact that content creation has had for both live and pre-recorded is hard to miss, and as options continue to grow for each platform to show their strengths, others look to grow too, and will only continue to bring more interest into gaming as a whole, and with other suggestions that platforms such as esports may find future representation at huge world events such as the Olympics, there will be little to slow the growth of gaming moving forward, and to only further encourage the aspiring players and hopefuls to continue their own interest.