How Digital Signing Solutions Benefit Businesses: 7 Examples You Should Know





Going digital is not only the product of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that made businesses and people realise they can do things without physical interaction. The rising popularity of digital signing solutions, where people embed their signatures through a platform, is one manifestation that you will notice. Going with this means improving the efficiency and organisation of the business. Second, it minimises the need to drive around town or take public transport when people can do these things with their fingertips. Imagine being able to send a file to the stakeholders, or anyone else in the company, without arranging means of transportation that takes time. In short, there are many advantages to utilising digital modes of transactions and other matters with files.

Sign with your fingertips without using a ballpoint pen, send files without taking more than five minutes of your time, and synchronise all your business files without using papers that harm the environment. Let us explore some examples of enterprises and how digital signing solutionsand other technological platforms boost efficiency and productivity.


You might be thinking about how document signing platforms and tools reinvent the business operations of food and beverage enterprises because they only have the menu to hand to customers and receipts to print after paying for a meal. However, some F&B businesses nowadays elevate their experience by bringing it to the homes of their loyal customers, which we all know as delivery services. Establishments going paperless experience many benefits because sending a digital invoice is easier. It also prevents losing small pieces of paper during transit. Not only that, but they can easily access sales reports and other spreadsheets with their fingertips.


Using a document signing platform also offers a world of efficiency and productivity for recruitment companies and human resources departments. First, it is now easier to hire someone because they can send the job offer digitally, through safe and secure communication, and let the recipient sign them without physically visiting the office or sending one via courier. Aside from that, they can also provide information to prospective applicants without needing to arrange logistical services. All it takes is a touch of a button to send an email or a link.



When someone hears about a person working in finance, economics, and their equivalent, they often visualise a pile of files on desks and data that seem endless. Well, that may be the case for some companies, but using document managementplatforms minimises the seemingly complicated workflow of these people. First, the constant changes and revisions are unsustainable in the long run, which means editing and printing cause clutter in the form of used papers. If you go with document management platforms, you do not need to print drafts and waste papers. Instead, show them to your colleagues digitally, through a tablet or a laptop, before publishing the final product.


Most students probably complain about the miles they walk for one signature for their thesis and other research projects or the piles of papers they have used because of drafts that received rejections and requests for revisions. Here, a digital signingplatform avoids those problems! There is no need to run around the campus to chase one of your panellists because sending an email or using a digital application is now possible. Being able to focus on more crucial academic matters while saving time is the best thing you will experience.


Have you ever experienced receiving a parcel and the courier asked you to sign something? Also, were you able to find a flat and stable surface to sign the paperwork? These things may seem trivial, but wasting as little as five minutes of your time can be pretty stressful for those with many things on their plates. With this, a digital signing solutionscompany helps logistics businesses reinvent their operations by going paperless. You can expect the courier to hand you an electronic device or let you use a mobile application on your phone to check the delivery updates and access the invoice. You do not need to keep a piece of paper because you have a copy on your phone!



Whether you are providing a contract for your luxury real estate client because they are on a trip to the other side of the world, sending the latest insurance policy to your client because they have changed their mind, or proposing a deal with your supplier, let them do a digital signwhere they only need to use an online platform for this! Doing these things not only reinvents your sales experience but also leaves a lasting impression on your clients who want convenience and efficiency. The main benefit here is being able to do these things without physically meeting each other.


The legal field has many practices and traditions, such as keeping piles of dossiers because the government requires agencies to do them or doing things old-fashioned, such as writing a digital sign on contracts or keeping a copy of the paperwork. However, using a document managementplatform offers many benefits. First, printing rough drafts or those that are not valuable is no longer needed. Lawyers can now send these files electronically, such as when crafting a contract for the newest hire or the case they are litigating in court. Here, only the finished product will be published, which minimises the risk of wasting paper. Second, simple tasks, such as signing contracts or notifying your client, become easier through online means.

Processing and signing documents should be easy for everyone, including businesses and clients of those enterprises. Aside from that, a platform should also have features that provide its users with an impeccable experience. With the help of Dedoco, you can expect a document management or digital signing platform that lets users achieve their goals with maximum efficiency and convenience. Visit their website to explore more of their solutions.