How Does’s One Stop Service Help Incoterm Obligations



The business industry had moved on from when people only relied on direct sales, franchising, visiting physical stores, and gold trading. With these fast-evolving changes, no one even expected that online shopping would be the new norm in the pandemic era. Most business owners have witnessed how the COVID-19 pandemic affected established brands and what more with SME or Small and medium-sized enterprises. If your business has no flexibility, you won’t survive the changes that come along with time.

That’s why modern businesses should have a backup plan to make their business more resilient through one stop service.One stop service is a current method wherein you can have a smoother dropshipping process. But, first, let this article show you the meaning of dropshipping business.

Getting to Know’s One Stop Service

Dropshipping business allows you to accept orders from customers, but you don’t keep the products in stock. After this, you’ll pass the request to a third-party supplier and ship the orders to the customers.

Indeed, there is a lot to consider to have a successful business. You also have to consider the incoterm established by the International Chamber of Commerce that set the seller and buyers’ global shipping responsibilities. These, including one stop service, incoterm, and dropshipping, can make business rookies feel confused.

Luckily, offers a one stop service that makes your dropshipping business successful by following the intercom rules. To know more about how one stop service helps a business, watch this video to see the experience of Greg Alexander, the president of Sad Car LLC with

After knowing the story of Sad Car’s President, it’s time to understand how a one stop service can help your business make a smooth dropshipping routine and follow incoterm rules.

Incoterms for Beginners: What You Should Know


Shipping products can be challenging for business rookies. It can be tricky because you have to consider overseas rules and regulations. There are also many things to think about for both buyers and sellers. Hence, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) established Incoterm to help modern businesses cooperate. Here are the rules dictated by the intercoms that importers and exporters should follow:

  • Incoterm will tell who is responsible for the cost of shipping and freight.
  • The incoterm will indicate the delivery point from the seller to the buyer.
  • Incoterm will dictate the import and export regulations.
  • Incoterm will also tell who is responsible for the cost of insurance.
  • Incoterm will also help you choose different modes of transportation. It includes EXW (Ex Works), FCA (Free Carrier), CPT (Carriage Paid To), CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To), DAT (Delivered at Terminal), DAP (Delivered at Place), DDP (Delivered Duty Paid.)

Keep in mind that as a business partner with, you have the responsibility to choose which mode of transport will be applicable for your business. For instance, Sad Car chose the Delivery Duty Paid Incoterms from because they want assistance to cover most of their duty with security and accuracy.

Moving forward, you should know how the one stop service of can help your business fulfil the requirements of Incoterm set by the International Chamber of Commerce.

Ways One Stop Service Support Intercom Obligations


There are steps when getting the products you need from a supplier. It’s not just about calling them and requesting anything you want. Plus, there’s more you need to consider when partnering with a supplier. Of course, you have to choose a supplier or manufacturer that is reliable and trustworthy. Fortunately,sourcing from about verified suppliers is possible. Once you find a responsible supplier, here’s how the one step service can help you

1) Customising the Products

For sure, you want to have a brand image for recognition. It isn’t easy to gain popularity in the business industry if you don’t have remarkable brand recognition. It leaves you with the responsibility to customise the products coming from the supplier. Fortunately, and its one step service allow you to have product customisations.

All you have to do is create a style that will reflect your brand values and goals. will ask for your approval before sending it to your warehouse or customers as you make a brand image. Although you have the Delivery Duty Paid Incoterms from, product customisation will be in your control.

2) Packaging Responsibilities

The international and local shipment also requires packaging so that the products will stay undamaged throughout the transit. Again,’sone stop service will help you label and package the products before shipping to the agreed destination. Plus, they will also consider your specific requirements for the packaging.

For instance, your business is about aftermarket car parts. The packaging should include bubble wraps or paper cushions to avoid damages during the transit for better performance. After all, packaging will take most of your time, so it’s helpful for your business to have an assistant for this responsibility.

3) Product Inspection

Although Delivery Duty Paid Incoterms from will cover all costs, risks, and other responsibilities, it wouldn’t succeed if the products are low-quality and damaged. Fortunately, the one stop service also offers product inspection to ensure that all of them are intact. In doing so, you can be confident that the products will arrive at your customer’s doorstep the way they expected them.

Another benefit is that offers a minimum order that shows quantity and a feature according to your company requirements. With this, you can ensure that the products will stick to your company’s promises to the customers.

4) Delivery and Online Tracking

Since the Delivery Duty Paid is responsible for the product shipment, the one step service will allow you to track the products until they get delivered to the customers. also offers online tracking to put your mind at ease about the whereabouts of your products. With this opportunity, you can update your customers about the arrival of their orders.


As a business owner, you need to know that there are many challenges your business faces through time. Change is an inevitable part of this industry. So, make sure you partner with to make your business flexible and resilient with their one stop service and Incoterms opportunities.

To understand more, visit their website onhow their one stop service can help your business grow.