How iTero 3D Imaging is Created


People may be wondering what their teeth would look like after having braces or Invisalign treatment. With the iTero 3d imaging, they can now see their teeth’s future with a more confident assurance about a start to a better smile. Professionals can digitally scan people’s teeth and offer a simulated result of their orthodontic treatment using innovative iTero 3D imaging.

How It Works

People can save time and trouble using the iTero 3D imaging, which digitally captures gum and teeth impressions. It also works in eliminating the requirement for ancient techniques such as messy plaster molds. Individuals have the chance to view these digital scans at their initial exam appointment. With that, their physicians can send them to the lab to use them promptly for creating their clear plastic aligners when they choose to have Invisalign treatment.

They must also start their treatment as soon as possible to quickly get the chance of showing off their new smile since treatment at some dental clinics is typically less than 16 months of Invisalign and braces. People can improve their smile with many clinics offering free retainers for life and a free initial consultation.

iTero Scanner

Experts create a 3D model of the teeth and mouth using iTero scanners for capturing pictures inside the mouth. They typically take the mold of people’s teeth using an impression material and tray when there is nothing like iTero scanners. They will insert the tray into people’s mouths with the traditional methods. This method will create a mold of their teeth as they bite down into the impression material. Professionals typically use this method. However, the iTero scanners have digitized this process for invisible braces.

How iTero Scanners Work

Orthodontists can capture images of people’s gums and teeth using the iTero wand, which has the potential of capturing 6,000 frames in a second. People can breathe comfortably during the process since the wand is minimally invasive. With this process, people can watch their scans’ development in front of them on the screen. They can then see a detailed 3D model on the screen when complete. The orthodontist can then use this scan to tailor their braces to suit their requirements.

Benefits of iTero 3D Imaging

People get digital imaging required to foresee their post-treatment smile through the iTero Intraoral Scanner. They also can gauge the results of ceramic braces, metal, or Invisalign treatment. People can also have a better experience, fewer fitting, and more precision with the iTero 3D imaging.

They will have accuracy because the iTero can create a precise and detailed 3D model of their gums and teeth. Orthodontists can replace the more manual process of taking an impression with this method. There won’t be any need to use messy impression materials, and patients can breathe as normal without any smell or unpleasant taste. The method is also fast, giving people the chance to view their 3D model on-screen with their orthodontist. People will also get faster delivery of their Invisalign treatment plan.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced treatment time
  • Orthodontic lab and Invisalign integration
  • Interactive 3D visualization capabilities
  • Faster creation of Invisalign retainers and aligners