How Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Increases Its Lifespan?

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Everyone has experienced a nightmare at least once when their air conditioner stops working suddenly in the middle of an extremely hot day or returning home after a stressful meeting at work. In Singapore, life without AC at office or home is unimaginable. To maintain cool in this tropical country, there is a need for regular aircon servicing. It is an appliance that needs maintenance to prevent premature collapse and improve its lifespan.

Aircon Servicing is a reliable air conditioning service company in Singapore. The technicians adhere to the updated servicing standards and even health & safety regulations. They have expertise and insight to address different problems as well as advice their customers on how to increase the lifespan of their air conditioner.

Servicing regularly means expense but is an economical option with plenty of benefits besides a lengthy lifespan. The importance of regular maintenance is directly connected with enhancing the service life of your air conditioner system.

Indirect ways to enhance the lifespan of your AC

Less consumption of energy

The inner components of the air conditioner can get clogged with the accumulation of dust and dirt. This clog can cause the system to work inefficiently and drain unnecessary energy. Therefore, an AC that is never or poorly maintained will automatically show reduced performance while needing high energy to operate.

The machine life simultaneously deteriorates. More consumption of energy means increased utility bills. Such issues hardly develop with professional maintenance from aircon servicing technicians.

High efficiency

Everyone wants their appliance to reveal high efficiency and finesse. Even an AC has to have a level of efficiency to perform tasks ad offer users ease in their life. Nevertheless, this efficiency fades over time as the appliance gets old.

Regular maintenance is a solution to avert this situation. AC maintenance performed often enhances the machine’s efficiency and saves users from getting frustrated. The appliance will serve the users for a long time in an efficient way.

Direct ways to increase your ACs lifespan

Proper installation

Poor installation causes recurring issues like noise generation, poor cooling, water leakage, etc. All this can negatively impact the appliance’s performance and lifespan. So, with proper professional installation and regular maintenance, users can enjoy their investment for a long time than expected.

Use AC less

This statement sounds a little disputing but is the wisest way to prolong its lifespan. Use a smart thermostat for temperature control. Turn off the AC when you go out and switch it on when you return. It saves energy as well as lessens the equipment’s wear and tear. During windy days and nights keep the windows open rather than keeping them closed and using the AC.

On an average, the lifespan of aircon is 10 years but with regular servicing, it can be extended to another 3 to 4 years. It even performs efficiently. You can choose a quarterly or annual maintenance plan for keeping your air conditioner working efficiently for a long time than its recommended lifespan.