How To Apply For The Dependent Visa Dubai

How To Apply For The Dependent Visa Dubai?


All newcomers can who have crossed the age of 18 can apply for any UAE visa. UAE is considered the best location for international trade. There are exciting and thriving locations for a new business setup.

Both employers and employees can immigrate to Dubai for work. Employers can come and spread their business to the great mainland of Dubai, and employees can come for various jobs. So the UAE is one of the main portals of business.

Both employers and employees can bring their families to Dubai. It is the safest place for dwellings. You can work and live happily with your family members. But to bring them you need to fulfil some legal requirements.

The dependent or the sponsor must have a proper UAE residence visa. If the sponsor earns a minimum income of AED 4000 or AED 3000 plus, you can bring your family members to the fascinating UAE. So if you are eligible, then you can go ahead with the dependent visa application online.


The UAE is the only location that falls within the center of the world. And trading becomes much easier in Dubai. Both employees and employers can sponsor their family members to get a residency permit. Male employees and female workers can sponsor their family members like wives, children, parents, and other members. The entire condition lays on the amount of salary earned by the sponsor.

Nowadays, there are no such rules like working in a certain profession is necessary to get a dependent visa. Any worker can sponsor their family members. But the income criteria are necessary for getting a residence visa.

How to apply for a dependent visa?

The dependent or the sponsor has 60 days to apply for his family dependents. After entering Dubai, it is necessary to modify your status and get a residence visa from the entry visa. The family members also play a vital role in this process.

They are required to issue visas for one, two, or three years. Entry permit is given according to the capacity of the employer or the employee. Here are some necessary documents required for getting a residence permit:

  • Original passport copies of the dependents, such as wife and children
  • The online application should be initiated from a registered office
  • Copy of the sponsor’s company contract or the employment contract
  • Legal marriage certificate
  • Medical certificate of wife and children above 18
  • Passport size photos of wife and children
  • Monthly Salary
  • Utility bill
  • Registered contract on tenancy

Therefore, you can stay with your close ones in the place where you work. You are also required to do immigration renewal to increase the number of days for a stay in Dubai.

Bottom line

If you are planning to increase your business towards the great landscapes of the UAE, then you must contact the best visa providers to initiate a proper immigration process. If you can sponsor your family members, then check online for the dependent visa Dubai.